Thursday, January 03, 2008


That's what i said to myself on Tuesday. I will admit that now it is definitely the wii. And nintendo brain age. And a somewhat clingy and destructive turnip. This too shall pass. Gill is blogging and I am not. All my neglected feeling bloggy friends? Im not reading his blog either. My own life partner. Soul mate. Etc. And I Don't Read His Blog.

I could make this how i suck or i can come back with a long overdue tag from everyone's blog darling Maggie May . I know ive probably shared every weird thing about me in general so Ill pop some recent ones on you folks for the "seven things people might not know about you" me-me.

1. I have fake nails right now. Some of you know this but most of you don't. Im fairly certain that regular readers understand that this is indeed a very odd thing to hear about me. All I can say is....Madame Fabu is involved. Oh and it's a french manicure.

2. I also have a Really Bad Haircut. Gill hates it. He keeps threatening to withhold intimacy and forcing me to drink milk. After being dry humped and propositioned several times per our usual routine, I feel safe in saying that the threat is unfounded. However, I cannot be fully certain that the nails have not been responsible for bringing me back into good graces.

3. Our new family past-time is this game called "boogie" for the wii. It's really lame but I sing off-key kereoke (sp?) and the boys all dance with controllers. Truly a sight to behold.

4. My friend Andy just introduced me to the bathroom reader institute series of books. (She gave me one for christmas)As most of you know, I seldom get to toilet alone so I had to bring it to bed. Friends, I could not put it down! This was one of my top gifts of the season.

5. My other top gift came from Lucy. The "Our Dumb World" Atlas by the Onion. (to help me explore the "soft science" of geography.) It has features like "how much does bono care about your country?" and such.

6. I just realized that you folks don't know about my recent foray into the wonderful world of candy making. I will offer more details later but I will tell you that it is indeed the sticky nightmare/wonderland adventure you might envision it to be. I also am trying to figure out how to use this newfound "skill" to fund....

7. Dodgeball! Yes friends, it is true. My town is starting a dodgeball league and yours truly is coming in on the ground floor. Oh the tales to be told...the adventures to be had...

Ok Ill offer some half-hearted promises and catch up soon!


Jenny Ryan said...

So good to hear from you again!

We understand the seductive powers of Brain Age as well as the Wii here at the Ryan house. :P

sega said...

finally... thought it would be another wasted work day for me... now i can muster the energy to go on...

RockDog said...

Howdy Stranger! My name is RockDog...say it slow, it feels good that way. Welcome to blogging. I'm sure you will enjoy your time here in the blogosphere. Should you have any questions please keep them to yourself.


"threatening to withhold intimacy and forcing me to drink milk

Dare I ask what happens when you drink milk? Gassy??? ;)

Glad you're back!!!

Pippajo said...

For us, it's been Rayman Raving Rabbids, which has a Boogie-like feature on it, among other things. I highly recommend this game, though not if you're looking to decrease the insidious hold your Wii has on you.

So glad you're back, but I understand, I understand.

luckybuzz said...

I was just wondering this morning if you were ever going to blog again. Good to see you back!

Lucy said...

The new post made my day. Just blame it on the Wii. I had to make a new blog friend in your absence. But I can at the House of Black, we're all about the Harry Potter 20 questions golden snitch (Reg is vexed because he has yet to stump it. I, on the other hand, have stumped it several times). Which blog is Gill's? (I feel so lame for asking).

Lisa said...

OMG! I was thisclose to sending a search party after your ass, Missy!!


Glad you're back and quit blaming it on the Wii. (I am personally addicted to a very goofy game called "Diner Dash" but at least I still find time to post stupid cat pictures, er, uh, BLOG.) tee hee

Factor 10 said...


ZigZagMan said...

Well I for one missed ya buddy...I don't care what the rest of them say!! :)

Mert said...

Dude, I was just telling Not So Anonymous Michelle that since doing Nanowrimo, my lust for blogging is gone.

I have been swamped by everyday minutiae... LIFE is sucking the life outta me!

I want to post a post apologizing to all of my readers for not reading and to not take it personally because I'm not reading anyones blog right now... but that would be completely pathetic and who likes to read crap like that?

Anywho, life gets in the way doesn't it? Don't feel bad, it seems to be going around. Maybe blogging has lost it's allure.

What must we do to make the bloglust return? Blogporn? "Ooooh, click that mouse baby." ;)

The Mistress of the Dark said...

OH DEAR GOD! Dodgeball! Hasn't that horrid game been outlawed?

Glad to see you're still alive

Stinkbait Boucher said...

Dodgeball. A metaphor perhaps?

crse said...

Ah Jenny Ryan..virus busters....I have unspeakable amounts of technology in my home but now Im also addicted to the amorphous gold blue and red blobby things.....
Sega- I don't care that I can see right through the blatant positive reinforcement to elicit positive responses. It still works on me dammit!
RockDAWG!!! I have a really good stein story for ya. (The milk is vitamin d for hair growth)
Pippa- Gill REFUSES to let me get that game! Fool...
LB- We seriously need a long good talk. It hurts my heart when you are not part of my day.
Lucy- Reg is a FOOL. You stumped it the first hour if I recall correctly....Gill's blog is Shakie's journal.
Lisa- aw man do I miss you. I need to talk to my therapist about my blog problems. Seriously.
Jennfactor. I miss you baby.
And you Zig!
Mert- My god, you are truly my soul sister. Its so damn true what you say!
MOTD-They haven't outlawed it yet and im still alive. Hope you are well!
Sir SB- You know? That is a really good point! After I read your comment I thought about it at length. Holy crap is that right on the mark. Still it's better than a fight club right?

Canada said...

I.Freakin'.LOVE.Dodgeball!!!!!! I wanna play!
Welcome back (I promise I will come back, too)