Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Gill Smoke

Gill Smoke, aka tall bald curly mustached man aka naggy bitch (but only jokingly by my father on that one) has been my partner in crime/surrogate mother/lovemonkey handler for the past twelve years. We were married in a mexican barrio one monday afternoon in 1994. The setting itself was named after the place where Jesus had his moment of doubt. Well nobody took the bitter cup from Gill either and now we have real jobs, two little boys and a ridiculous house payment because ive shredded our credit so mercilessly. Thankfully, Gill is also an optimist and has a good sense of humor about life. In fact, he is the one who first deemed me a spider monkey and likes to say when we meet people "Living with Crse is like living with an exotic pet. Oh sure she is cute and entertaining but leave her alone too long and she starts flinging poop at the walls." For the record, I myself have never flung poop. The turnip has eaten poop, but despite ensuing panic, no flinging was involved in that either.

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