Saturday, July 22, 2006

avoidance of work

I think im going to do a longitudinal study of how much blogging I will ultimately do to avoid work. I think I will name all the posts accordingly for easy tracking. Right now, I need to write case notes. Dont get me wrong, sometimes on saturday I can just sit down and do the work. Today is not one of those Saturdays. It is 4pm. I have to leave my house for the night in about two hours. Im not dressed. Im not bathed and I have not written a single note. Instead, I slept until noon, read blogs, and played about 13 games of spider solitaire trying to bring my average back up to 50%. Oh and I tried to nap around 3 but it didnt take. Im in a surprisingly good mood despite my complete lack of motivation and the overwhelming thought of having to write all these notes by monday knowing that im going to be gone tonight and for a good part of the day tomorrow.

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