Thursday, July 13, 2006

Thursday 13

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13 Things To Bear In Mind If You Are Going Off Your Celexa Without Telling Your Psychiatrist

1. If you happen to be a mental health professional, you know better. You tell people firmly not to do this. In fact, lets start this list by acknowledging that you are a complete idiot for allowing yourself to get into this position in the first place.

2. You honestly have better things to do with your time than composing hate emails to Taco Bell, listing the various infractions their employees have…well…infracted upon you over the past two weeks as you are nursing your sudden sick cravings for your own bastardized version of the fiesta salad that nobody can really understand without a diagram anyway..

3. When you are going off more than one med, think about how it is going to play out. Having no attention span AND a nasty disposition AND paranoia does not a good wife/friend/mother/employer/employee make.

4. Sending paranoid texts to your direct supervisor when she asks if you are ok does not make you look professional nor does it make you look stable.

5. Neither does getting sick with anxiety that every meeting scheduled is going to be a surprise intervention about your poor administrative/leadership skills.

6.When you are at the gas station, you do not seem reasonable when you fly into a blind rage because someone else in your family “took” your .40 cents a gallon fuel perks.

7. You also do not seem reasonable when your spouse makes an offhand remark like “Im going to cut the grass” and your reply is “Why are you so hateful?”

8.“Why do you have to be so stupid?” is not a viable response when dealing with co-workers who ask you questions.

9.Your dentist is not secretly punishing you for missing three appointments by getting in cheap sucker punches when he pulls a tooth (ok im not all that convinced on that one)

10. You might feel better if you stop thinking of your home as a pit of financial despair. (after all, framing is everything).

11. Your children are probably not destined to be serial killers despite the extensive list of parenting mistakes you see yourself making every day.

12. There is no real physical way that you can feel the dust from the impure air in your house settle in your lungs. That has to be psychosomatic. It HAS to be.

13.It is not your fault if the cashier takes your peanut butter and puts it with the person in front of you. Just because you didn’t speak up does not mean you burdened someone with unwanted peanut butter to the point that they are thinking you are an idiot even though they don’t know you. In fact, they are probably thinking, “Hey where did this peanut butter come from?”


armywife said...

i have only had to deal with adjusting the amounts of estrogen in my birth control and/or going of it completely but i completely understand #7

my 13s are up at

crse said...

Cool! Im going to try linking to you....

luckybuzz said... do remember when I tried going off Celexa without telling my shrink, right? So I'm just saying, I feel ya, baby.

If it's any consolation, I'm still overly-cranky, but much less than I was. Um, wait, maybe that's actually not consoling. :) But I know that I was *super* paranoid, and at least that part has abated.

And I would bet that the dust thing is psychosomatic. Your air is not that bad! And I'm sorry you lost your peanut butter. And I think you rock.

Carmen said...

going off any meds can make you nuts. :)

crse said...

You are a bloggin' rockstar LB. Do you see how it links to you? You are AWESOME baby. I do remember buddy. Im thinking you might have been more ready than I am because Im just not making it.I mean I expected some normal changes but I keep thinking its summer so why do i feel like I do in the winter? I started back up yesterday of course WITHOUT telling my dr that I ever went off.

K T Cat said...

Wow. That's kind of a sad list. It's also enlightening.

My TT is up.

Mama Duck said...


luckybuzz said...

I can totally show you how to link like that... :)

Hope going back on them works out better. I've been kicking around the idea of going back on myself, but I'm not sure how I feel about that...we'll talk. :)

factor 10 said...

#8 has nothing to do with your Celexa. I get that urge all the time. The Taco Bell thing? Also not neccesssarily YOU... Hang in there! (oh, and my TT is up)

Canada said...

Ummm. . . number 8 is just real life, isn't it?

Hope you have some better days soon!

Barbara said...

I'm not on any medication, but some of those sound like what happens to lots of us - including the peanut butter. I've gotten home with other people's groceries, and wondered how it got in my bag!

My TT is up.

Trina said...

That's was an awesome post! I laughed all the way through!

Wrongblog's TT is up! Erica Wrote this week!

crse said...

I didnt mean to alarm anyone! Im actually more painful to those around me than I am to myself. I did link everyone (i think) with a TT list. If not, come back and remind me! LB you will set me up? with this whole backlink stuff? You rock star. Yeah I know there are complicating here for input baby, (and ill be happy to be your guinea pig too!)