Thursday, July 06, 2006

My first attempt at entering HTML (thanks canada!)

Thirteen Things about CRSE

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Ok this is a total test since Ive done VERY little with HTML but I saw this on Canada's website and it seemed like a great idea. I particularly like her subject so im going with it:
13 things that drive me crazy
As I am extremely crabby today, it was sent from heaven:
1. Fathers who set limits that are ridiculous without consulting corresponding mothers.
2. People that flush the toilet or otherwise use water when Im showering.
3. People that don't flush the toilet any other time.
4. Finding out the coffee/tea/soda they told you at the restaurant was decaf, wasnt. At 4am when you cant sleep at all.
5. When the server at the restaurant says the sauce isnt chunky or something is onion free and you don't find out they are lying until your food comes.
6. The amish. (dont get me started)
7. People who say they are "only trying to help" as an excuse to be invasive and not think about boundaries
8. People who underestimate me.
9. When one child is up until 130am and the other child wakes up at 7am.
10. People who pronounce the word "mischeeveeous" There is no long ee after the v. It should be mischevess. Phonically that is.
11. People who do not embrace my children as whole human beings and show misogyny through saying derisive things about activities that are socially considered to be female oriented activities.
12. People that think its cute to force my kid to pray out loud in group settings, even while knowing our belief system.
13. Movies that are exciting up until really really lame endings (see xmen 3)


Ardice said...

A lot of these things annoy me too especially #3, #7 and #8.

Welcome to Thursday Thirteen. Have a wonderful weekend.

luckybuzz said...

Who is making your child pray out loud????

(And none of these are me, right? OK. Then i totally commiserate. Especially about "mischievous"--that drives me crazy.)

(I think I misspelled things in this comment. I'm tired. I just woke up and I'm thinking about napping. That's my excuse.)

Jesse said...

Hey that #7 is a pretty good idea, I might have to start using that.

Room mate, "Hey Jesse, why did you eat all my food?"

Jesse, "I was just trying to help."

Room mate, "Oh, Thanks!"


Officer, "Why did you run that red light, speed, flip me off, and chuck an empty soda can at that random pedestrian?"

Jesse, "I was just trying to help."

Officer, "Oh, I wish more citizens were as caring as you. I am going to recommend you are honored by the mayor!"

See, how can I loose. Really?

luckybuzz said...

Hooray! Jesse's in the house! Crse, your comments will never be the same... :)

Norma said...

Ah--the cold blast in the middle of a shower. And giving you decaf when you needed coffee! That's beyond cruel. But I'm sure it's bad the other way too.

My TT is up.

crse said...

LB COME ON!!!! These are SO NOT YOU. IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM!!! My god, number 14 is that you and GB dont live with us full time.

Jesse, Im so glad to have you aboard! I can now actively cyberstalk you. Im a lot less creepy if I can disseminate the lurking and hovering....

Dont be alarmed my new TT friends. One of my next lists might very well be thirteen reasons you shouldnt be alarmed by me stalking you....

Canada said...

Oh crse, number 1! Abso-fucking-lutely!!!! Like Hubby's "that's it, we're NEVER going to do ___ again" Uh huh. So when we do whatever again (in an hour, the next day, next week) what does that say about the limits that are set? That they aren't real. And that's why his head should not look like it's going to explode when the kids fail to listen to Daddy's warnings.

Sorry, should have labelled this "incoming rant". But you're a mom, and as it's your number 1, you clearly understand! :)

factor 10 said...

Oh, #1 is SOOO familiar! The story behind #6 would make an entertaining blog, I'm sure...
Happy TT!