Tuesday, July 25, 2006

crunch time

Well Im wrapping up my first blog month with the realization that Ive never had end of the month blogging. Let me just explain that for disorganized folk like me, the end of the month SUCKS in my field (until it is over and then there is a huge exciting sense of relief)(but we are so not there yet). So the next few days will most likely contain brief panicked blogging. You can expect this on a monthly basis until I get my crap together. (god love them at my job, its been seven years and we all still have hope) (Seriously, Madame Fabu has this great plan, I just need to figure out how to sustain it, and she is going to help me) (You call it denial, we call it maintaining a positive outlook). Ok Im off to panic!


luckybuzz said...

Good luck with the panicking, sweetie! Hope it's over quickly! :)

factor 10 said...

Hang in there!