Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

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Thirteen Ways I Annoy My Spouse

1.By every morning consistently wrecking the order he creates at night.

2. By continually allowing my four year old to eat and subsequently spill cereal on the carpet after we have both been repeatedly forbidden to eat anything on the carpet.

3. By calling him at work at least once every three months at work and leaving a panicked message NOT to use the money card NO MATTER WHAT.

4. By forgetting to tell him big things like “we are going away for the weekend tomorrow” or “I already got the kids from day-care”.

5. By having to hear me yell “don’t open the door!” when the mail carrier knocks and knowing I’m serious. (Somehow he is never reassured by the fact that Ive never actually let the utilities get turned off or the house repossessed)

6. By making fat jokes about the baby.

7. By goofing off til the very last minute when we are getting ready to go someplace and thus making us late to almost every single function.

8. By wearing his clothes.

9. By becoming extremely irritated and accusing him of being negative every time he brings up a household or car repair that needs to happen.

10. By leaving a trail of “forensic evidence” that indicates exactly what Id been doing from the time he left the house till the time he came home.

11. By telling the four year old we are going shopping and then making him stay till the end of the Jimmy Neutron episode.

12. By calling him at 4pm and begging him to come home when the kids are fussy and Im home with them. And then calling every twenty minutes to see if he is on his way.

13. By telling him I can’t leave the house till I come up with a subject for my Thursday Thirteen. (although, I think he was secretly delighted to help with this one)


Jesse said...

Number six is solid gold.

Tracie said...

Great list....hey we can all be annoying sometimes!

My TT is up!

crse said...

Jesse, I think you would enjoy the "are you pregnant?" game. The baby loves it. Tracie I dont know how to link with names but your url is in there and I LOVED your list

Canada said...

Oooh, number 7! Me, totally.

My TT is up (better late than never, right? And I AM away on vacation!)

Pippajo said...

Just wanted to say I think your list and you blog in general are hilarious. I enjoyed reading both so very much!

factor 10 said...

#2, #5, #7, #12...were we separated at birth?

Shari said...

I love this list! HIlarious idea... I'll be back to read more about your Shatner-looking baby and the rest of your family. :-)

My first Thursday Thirteen is up!

luckybuzz said...

I can't believe I didn't guess that YLH came up with your topic this week. :)

Raggedy said...

Great list!
My TT is up