Thursday, July 27, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about My Day

Thirteen Things Random Things about My Day

1. I had grilled pineapple for the first time today.

2. I decided someone I was never so crazy about might not be a bad person.

3. I decided someone I thought was a great person might not be someone I should be so crazy about. (Actually, I decided this about two people today).

4. At least one other person I work with was glad I shared this about the person in #2, because she was also feeling bad vibes about him but never wanted to say anything.

5. I realized that as much as I want to be an objective professional, Im always going to have to quell my feminist outrage about the sexism that thrives in our society.

6. I almost ran out of gasoline today. (you can say this about my day approximately twice a month)

7. I had to deal with two really tough situations that required me to behave in a way that is totally out of character for me. (In a good way, growth stuff)

8. My supervisor (madame fabu) and my boss (who needs a good alias) made the above situations much much better in many ways, making me once again intensely and painfully appreciative about how lucky I am to work with these amazing women.

9. My boys are sick today and their father made them watch horrible things like “Addicted to Oil” on the science channel. (not that I have room to judge. I once got completely sucked in to a documentary he was watching about the history of salt).

10. For the first time all summer, I had an umbrella during a down pour and did not get wet. Granted it was a golf umbrella and I ended up losing half my stuff in a puddle while I tried to put it back down, but I am still counting this as a positive in the day.

11. I learned the difference between alligators and crocodiles.

12. I got about 60 dollars of printer’s ink for free!

13. The Turnip took his first steps today!!!!

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luckybuzz said...

OH MY GOD! The Turnip is WALKING???? Oh, he is really the most amazing child ever. Now I need to come back and see him walk. :)

And I am dying to know who the people are in #s 2 and 3...are they work people or people I might know????

Canada said...

How exciting for the Turnip!! How wonderful, yet awful for you - you know, now you have to chase him around even more!

Good woman on your TT up on time - Blogger was being . . . well, Blogger and I had a hard time yesterday. It will be my Friday Thirteen, dammit!

Jesse said...

Yay!! for the turnip!!

Raggedy said...

Great list!
Wooooohooooooo on first steps!
Grilled pineapple sounds good.
My TT is up

crse said...

I KNOW!! My baby is growing up. Fortunately Canada, he is responding to "no" fairly well. Once he has a running start, this might change.

LB they are work people but Im dying to know who you thought they might be!

Lady Jane said...

Grilled pineapple! Yummy! Did you put anything on it or eat it with anything?

My list is here.

crse said...

It was just plain, thanks for asking! I did hear if you salt pineapple it will not hurt your mouth (as pineapple is wont to do). Canada, where is your list???