Sunday, July 09, 2006

a cry for help

Ok i realize my blog is a mess. My friend Lucky Buzz, who is largely responsible for my descent into the blogosphere, tried to help me straighten it out when she was here. Through no fault of hers, distractions were a plenty and i have no recollection whatsoever. I want to fix my blog. I want to be able to be a good host. I realize I refer to folks that without re-reading all my backposts, you would not know who they were. I realize that you should be able to hit anyone I reference within my blogs and go to there sites. I DONT KNOW HOW TO DO THIS. Does anyone have a good place to start? I went to the blogrolling page. Im going to try to work on that. If anyone has tips, I would sincerely appreciate them. Dont feel like you would be insulting my intelligence. I have no pride right now. Just...a big mess.


Jesse said...

I have helped fix many a blog template.

If you have any specific questions I can hopefully help your cause.

Also If you see something on a blog you like and want to know how to do it you can try emailing the blog person or leaving a comment. That's how I figured out a handful of stuff... But yes, I offer my services.

Also, I have a blogspot blog that is hidden from the world whom sees my profile.

It is:

down the trodden. And is far more active than the project blog. It is an experiment in how much non-content I can write.

luckybuzz said...

OK, first of all Miss "I don't know what I'm doing," I had NEVER SEEN the cool popups when you hover over a blogroll link before right this minute on yours, and I just went to blogrolling and realized that's what the description field is for. Hooray! I never knew! You are so cool and you taught me a new blog thing. :)

About descriptions of people: you can put them in your sidebar. You don't have to know much html. Usually you can list things with < li >and < /li > (beginning and ending list items, no spaces in there) tags. OR, you can do what almost all of us have done at some point and do what you can with it, then ask Jesse for help. Did you know that Jesse made my martini bullets? He's a great blogfriend.

Good luck! The blog is beautiful already!

crse said...

Jesse, I did know about the martini bullets. Kudos! I appreciate the offer and have several specific requests, but I am too tired and sick to do anything to fix anything tonight. Would you prefer I link to that blog spot? Or Both? Blogroll kind of worked out! Kind of....

LB: You are so OG. No its stuff like linking up the normisms. And making my margins not so big. I did retain the list thing from you! :-) If I could just blogroll everything. Stupid fee for service sites....thank you baby.

Jesse said...

You can link to whatever makes you feel warm and cuddly inside.

My blogspot blog is my "fun" blog.

My project blog is my "professional" blog...

Either way.