Friday, July 14, 2006

perfect ending to a gruelling friday!

Ok this is truly the best justice league episode ever.
I cant help but share some highlights along the way.

Ok the episode starts with some army deal. I wasnt paying much attention because I was actually trying to write a blog about the smelly cat ladies with their decomposing mother's corpse

I first start paying attention when Flash and Green Lantern are arguing because Flash "needs the money" he is going to be paid for something i didnt catch. Scene changes and they are outside looking at the "Flashmobile". A conversion van painted with the Flash scheme. The little spare tire thing says "wild thing". Green lantern asks why he needs this van. Then says "never mind". (Yeah GL with you and Hawkgirl, its all nice and sexy tense but dont get so haughty because nobody really wants to think what would be going on with the wings in your more intimate moments either....or do they?) Flash opens the back and the inside is completely pimped out with a purple leopard bed spread lava lamp set up. Ok I realize this is a family show but if you can allude to Flash having sex, doesnt it beg the do they expect us to believe that any woman will want a man who is

Quote - Wonder Woman- "What's wrong with the way I dress?" What can I even write here? She is Wonder Woman!

Flash is doing a commercial? For something that prevents cramping burning and itching? And he has an agent. Who just referred to WW as "that big gal with the rope". The scene ends with flash telling off the director "This bites. Your commercial sucks. You are a no talent hack and your donuts are stale."

Ok Wonder Woman just called Mr. Foulman (the agent) a "slimy little weasel". Most of this came from the subplot, not the real plot.

Sometimes I say to myself it is ridiculous to be almost 36 years old and watching cartoons. Then I realize Im watching better quality programming than I would be if I were watching any given reality show. The show ended up being a "to be continued" so I will keep you posted tomorrow. Back to the smelly cat ladies post....


Jesse said...

Oh man Justice League Unlimited is rad.

The best episode has got to be where Flash and Lex switch bodies.

Tha episode had the best line ever,

"Because I'm Eeeeeviiiiil."

Lordy, that one gets me everytime.

luckybuzz said...

"Because I'm Eeeeeviiiiil."

Crse, didn't I hear Norm say that?

crse said...

Norm HAS said that! Yet I have no recall of this episode! Although there was a marathon I think at some point that Norm watched when we had company and there was no gracious way for me to say "do you mind if I ti-vo this?"

factor 10 said...

Where is the cat lady post? You can't leave me hanging!

Jesse said...

I'm not 100% sure the "I'm Evil" episode has been released in the states. All these came out in england first, and I saw them by some fancy means I don't understand.