Wednesday, July 26, 2006

very quick WTF Wednesday

WTF is up with the Addams family cartoon? This is an insult to the original show. The kids are simpering idiots, Uncle Fester is a Jewish Drag Queen without the costume or the charisma, (and lets not kid ourselves, why do we really love our Jewish Drag Queens?) Morticia and Gomez have the chemistry of a q-tip (sidenote: My 4 YEAR OLD, who has seen the original, asked why this Gomez is such an idiot?) and Lurch has completely lost the Gary Cooper mystique and is little more than a glorified Eeyore. I could extend this to a WTF is up with the damn boomerang marathons this week but I was way too excited about a full day of Dexter's Laboratory to feel morally superior about that.


luckybuzz said...

A full day of Dexter's Lab! Hooray! (This is the only part of this post I'm qualified to comment on...except the Jewish drag queen part, but that might be another comment).

Jesse said...

I haven't seen dexter's lab in a long time. it's a lovely bit of TV.

Canada said...

I saw a commercial for the cartoon, and just can't do it - it looked lame. I loved the old series, and I really loved the movie (the first - still haven't seen the second - maybe I should get around to it). I LOVE Raul Julia as Gomez, and Angelica Huston is the perfect Morticia - I even tried to recreate her look for Hallowe'en one year.