Monday, October 16, 2006

Cast of characters

Boys-link on side.
George-beloved family mutt.
Madame Fabu-Best friend and supervisor. Keeps me on track. Partner in much family crime and frozen vodka drinks.
Senor Fabu- Husband of Madame. Fellow middle child. General monkey wrench in plan making.
Princess Fabu- Six year old (going on 22) Fabu daughter. Girlfriend of Norm. Mother of his 13 children according to last report.
Littlest Fabu (aka mini fabu)- Two year old Scorpio, cute enough to get away with it.
Lonnie Manko- Uberboss and professional and personal mentor. Helps reframe all the nasty stuff and keeps us laughing.
Spike- Madame Fabu's office mate and pop-culture kindred spirit. Sometimes I think Spike is the male me except younger and in much better shape. Oh and more organized and reasonable.
Cim-Fairy Godmother/bestfriend/oldest friend/ knows all the dirty laundry/ general spiritual twin.
Gretty- Fairy Godmother/sitter/bestfriend/life coach( not in order necessarily)
Erthy- Fairy Godmother/bestfriend/soul sister/ voice of moral reason.
Moe- Fairy Godmother/bestfriend/my main life passage friend. She is there for all my big times. She is hilarious and can make anything seem bearable. She also has an adorable little boy Owie who has leukemia. Moe is the hero of our tribe.
T- Fairy Godmother/bestfriend/spiritual presence/ can always be counted on for trash talking good time.
Luckybuzz- Fairy godmother/bestfriend/introduced me to blogging/oldest drinking buddy/all encompassing coolness. go see her and learn about the sexycool luckybuzz.

Bonsai- Family Ally. Sister in law (Dave's wife)/most positive maternal figure. General safe place to go.
Buddy- Family Ally. Sister in law (Dan's wife)/ closest thing to real sister in every way. Spirited and hilarious.
Lucy-Family Ally. Sister-in-law (Stepbro's wife). HILARIOUS spirit mentor.

Cast will be amended as new characters are referenced.

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Crawlspace said...

I had a cast on my arm once. It started to smell funny. They took it off, then I had trouble buckling my seat belt. I thought my arm would break again. It did not.