Saturday, October 14, 2006

Sat the 14th

If you google "brain scramble" I am the first result? As of this afternoon, i was also the first result if you googled "sexy thirteen" on the google in ecuador. Strangely, since that time at least two other sites have surpassed me in ecuadorian popularity for this particular google. Yesterday was NOT a sexy thirteen. I wont go into horrific details (no offense but not for your sakes, I just cant relive it) but suffice it to say that trying to unravel a huge title transfer mess when you have to drive to the bank and write checks for cash EVERY TIME SOMEONE ELSE WONT TAKE CHECKS (IT IS 2006 people WTF!) while engaging in the futile attempt to soothe a tired, bored and extremely crabby 15 month old and maintain the interest of a relatively amenable four year old by talking about pokemon and such things can turn one's day into a totally friday the thirteenish day.

The highlight was of course when I was cut off in traffic and before I had time to react, Norm screamed "You JACKASS!". See? They do listen to us after all....


Anonymous said...

Norm can ride with me any day.

;) Good stuff crse.

Canada said...

Oh, they listen, but it's very selective. Let a four-letter word slip out in a whisper two rooms away? They'll hear it. But "Please stop hitting/pinching your sister/brother" or "You need to pick up all your stuff and take it to your room"? Like you're talking a completely foreign language, or they need to be fitted with hearing aids!

Here's hope that today is better.

Anonymous said...

Norm is my hero. :)

Pippajo said...

I think My Boy needs to spend a little time with Norm. He keeps chiding me for yelling, "Moron," at people!

As for the listening, it is INDEED selective. Last night I told my kids to get off the trampoline and into the house for bed. They acted like they couldn't hear me. I said it again. Nothing. Then I said, very quietly, "Who wants candy?" Both of the little fools jumped up, yelling, "Me," as they hopped off the trampoline!

I didn't feel bad for even a nano-second when they realized there was no candy! Little stinkers!