Thursday, October 12, 2006

Thirteenth Thursday thirteen dedicated to Friday the 13th

(You all can thank norm for the early list as we went to bed way too early and now i cant sleep after a brief "nap".) I was going to do 13 unlucky things that happened to me but I didnt want to arouse unnecessary negative mojo. Then I was going to go for the twist and do 13 lucky things but I couldnt think of thirteen (I live with three but then it could be 13 people im incredibly grateful for which upon reflection appeared worth saving for another TT list. You can never have too many spare list ideas). So here are thirteen things that give me the creeps. I left out the usual rats, rodents, bugs (except spiders, and spiders sadly do creep me out) snakes and pigeons because well...they are typical. So Im calling out everyone who hasnt posted yet on my usual list...

Thirteen Things That Freak me The Crap Out

1. The pregnant spider on my front porch. Gretty thinks she is beautiful. And that is the only reason she is still alive. (sidenote: I hate the whole Charlotte’s Web story but that’s another post)

2. Raccoons. I used to think they were cute. You know…the Beatles song and the cute little bandits from cartoons. But there was a rabies scare in our area involving raccoons a few years back and since then, Ive developed an unholy fear of them.

3. Rabbits. As alluded to before. No I didn’t like that scene in the holy grail. And Watership Down scares the living SHIT out of me. But my fear is not media related. Rabbits are too damn quiet. I don’t like the idea of a mammal being that quiet. Its just downright creepy.

4. When Dorothy is talking to Auntie Em and the Wicked Witch appears in the crystal ball. I will never ever be ok with that.

5. The Happy Days episode where Fonzie falls asleep in a car and dreams about a girl that died ten years before in that car. When he wakes up, he finds her purse. I saw this episode when I was like ten and the fear is just as real today.

6. The Halloween Episode of “My So-Called Life”. It is the only episode of the show I won’t watch over and over.

7. The idea of a Vampire (not the sexy Anne Rice kind) appearing in my bedroom window.

8. Any kind of ghost-y games. Im not just talking Ouija boards, Im talking about that elementary school “light as a feather” game. Erthy and Luckybuzz may remember me practically pissing myself when we played this in college.

9. The idea that dead loved ones are watching me. I don’t find this comforting. I find this incredibly unsettling.

10. Empty churches. It just seems like things can go really really badly in an empty church.

11. Those porcelain dolls that little girls sometimes collect. They look like baby dolls except their faces are pale. As if they are silently judging you with fury.

12. Mimes. See above entry about rabbits.

13. Movie soundtrack music. Gill mocks me extensively because I can read horrific details about death but the second you throw in a soundtrack Im under the chair plugging my ears.

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factor 10 said...

I'm right there with you on the ghost-y games and the porcelain dollies. My big dark secret is thh TV sign offs...the national anthem, then the colored bars come on and the hours long beeeeeep I am sooooo under the covers before that happens. EEEEWWWW!

Pippajo said...

Crap! Is it Thursday already? Oh, no, I don't have the wherewithal for this today!

Great list though, and I just might copy it cause I don't feel at all like being original!

Anonymous said...

Those porcelain dolls are little frozen pieces of Satan.

And factor 10, the TV sign-off *totally* freaks me out too, but I haven't thought about that in years (having cable helps)!

And crse, Gretty is kind and awesome but that pregnant spider doesn't need to live on your *porch*. Ick.

Canada said...

Okay, so what is your take on deer? They're kinda quiet, too. I think the creepy thing about rabbits (well, the white ones) is the red eyes. Spawn of Satan for sure!)

Empty churches - yes!

And the dearly departed watching over me - fine if they're saving me from being hit by a bus, but what if I really don't feel like being seen? I'm with you on that!

Tracie said...

#4-I totally agree!

Jesse said...

at my house in Minneapolis we had, among other small creatures, m any rabbits in our backyard. I don't know how those things have survived this long, seeing as their defence mechanism is holding really still and sometimes, if something gets close enough they'll try and run away. That sort of intelligence, yikes.

You might find this blog post titled, The most freaky of all mammals: rabbits interesting.

amy said...

Thats an honest post..thanks for sharing that with us

crse said...

Jen, I forgot about the sign off. Thank all things holy for cable. LB the phrase "little frozen pieces of satan" is pure genius.

Canada, my take on deer is a bit different because they are big and im always scared of big animals.

Jesse, the post confirmed what I must have inherently known. RABBITS ARE JUST GIANT MISSHAPEN RATS. Yikes. Now Im more creeped out than ever. (but strangely validated so thank you!)

Anonymous said...

Great list. It's a few minutes after midnight over here and nothing frightening or evil happened! :-)

Anonymous said...

OMG - you would be SO much fun to freak out.

I'm surprised I didn't see clowns on your list.

They're eating your brain you know.

Gill Smoke said...

These are really the top thirteen, or there's more. Like "I scared of you" and, "I'm frightened of our son" (times 2) and let us never forget the infamous "Don't answer your phone. I'm afraid about who might be calling"

Jenny Ryan said...

I totally get you!

Thanks for visiting my TT this week :)