Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bitch and Moan Monday (a day late)

It seems like I cannot get through the early part of my week without some sort of grumpiness. Even as I write this I have to remind myself to unclench my teeth. As my chalky little nubs become smaller, I realize sadly, that not only do I grind at night I also grind during the day. Dont get me wrong gentle readers. I do love my job. But it can be very very difficult and some of it requires a sense of self that I may not have developed yet. "But CRSE", you may ask. "You are 36 years old and you look like Quincy Jones. You must have some sense of self." Well yes dear readers I do have some sense of who I am. But on days like today, where it rains from start to finish, and fellows who don't really like me but are for some reason obsessed with me (not in the "I think your really hot and am pretending we are together" way, but in the "Right now, I am limited to examining your work on a daily basis to look for flaws, but if i loose a few more screws, Im going to turn you into a lamp shade" way)invite themselves to my PAMPERED CHEF party (ok granted, I did invite him, but folks, he stared at me until I did. I hemmed and hawed about copying down his address until he COPIED IT HIMSELF). Days like today when the damn principal has the whole team scared to say that two plus two equals four and the secretary meanly tells me that Im not invited to the Thursday's meeting, forcing me ONCE AGAIN (for the third time today) to confront the family that set the meeting which i must do by assuming the role of stalker ex lover who calls your house continually and pretends you still have a relationship. Days like today I just cant muster it up folks. This is exacerbated by a visit to my therapist's tonight where we ended up discussing my mother and her visits to my nightmares and finally coming home to our baby of perpetual dissatisfaction. Folks, I. Feel. Beaten.


Canada said...

Sounds like a truly sucky day. And the rain!! Baby, I can identify. I have been wearing my bathrobe since I got home, damp and chilled, at around 5 pm. Oh, I mean over my clothes!!! (it's like a very, very long zip-front hoodie made of sweatshirt-like material). Hoping tomorrow is much, much better.

I'll still come here, even though you did the evil beta-blogger to me (ugh! It takes forever to load the comments!),

And do you have an "e-mail me" thing? I thought I saw one, but maybe I was hallucinating. 'Cause I was going to, but I don't know how.

Anonymous said...

Awww canada! You want to see what I look like! Thats so sweet! Yes if you go to my complete profile and click on the contact you will get my email. Of course if you just want to email me in general thats ok too!

luckybuzz said...

Love you, crse. :)

erthy said...

love you too crse. and I'll never make you stalk me. (I'll just stalk you form time to time)