Wednesday, October 25, 2006

weird MeMe!

This is why I try to pick gracious people to stalk....once the ever so solicitious Pippajo realized I was going to steal the MeMe anyway, she tagged me! You Pippa, are a queen among women.

Nine Weird Things About Me

Now I will preface these by apologizing if some of this is old news for you folks. When your life is an open book, it can be hard to generate fresh stuff. Fortunately, I think i might be weird enough to have completely new material on this MeMe.

1. I have a secret crush on my pharmacist (sorry you had to find out this way gill)

2. I really liked never having to go into labor.

3. I have had an abnormally large number of girl stalkers. In grad school I had three at once. In fact, there is a woman at work who I know has a girl crush on me (and this sends my bosses into fits of giggles, which strangely does not offend me)

4. I forget to comb my hair more days than i care to admit.

5. I have a fifties style bonnet hair dryer that is next to my couch and on cold evenings I love to take a shower and dry my hair under it. Its ugly as hell and it damages the crap out of my hair but its so damn comfy!

6. I cant stand having my back to doors. Im worried someone is going to come in and shoot me before I can stop them.

7. I refused to write with a pencil for most of my adult life.

8. I have a SERIOUS phobia about calling people on the phone. Strangely its worst with my closest friends. I am terrified Im going to be interrupting something and they wont want to be my friend anymore.

9. I hate eating salads, not because I dont like the taste of them, but because it seems so hard to grapple with the lettuce and the toppings.

Ok if you read this TAG you are it!


factor 10 said...

Okay, your phone thing? I am the same way about talking to people in person. I assume that they don't want to talk to me or are saying hi to someone behind me. Even knowing that it's lame, I still operate on that same basic assumption I've had since grade school.

Jesse said...

Good thing I absorbed this post via osmosis, or else I might have to do the MEMEMEMEMEEME

luckybuzz said...

Yup--you know that I have the same phone thing, which is why I will continue to miss you, wonder how you are, and love you, all the while not actually calling you. :)

(But if you want to chat on IM soon, let me know...)

Anonymous said...

Now wait just a cotton-pickin' minute! While it is true that I AM gracious and a queen among women (I'm totally using that on The Viking very soon), I did NOT tag you once I realized you were going to steal it!

I truly was going to tag you and forgot.

But, I know, I've damaged my credibility forever by lying. I have so seen the error of my ways!

Also, I have to say with the exception of #5, I expected way weirder things from you. I am thoroughly enjoying the mental image of you sitting demurely under that bonnet all winter long! Cause THAT? Is funny.

Oh, yes, and it's Pippajo, in case you couldn't tell. Stupid BETA!

nancycle said...

I'm not sure what to say.

...I feel...Normal?


Canada said...

Lovin' the hairdryer!!!!

I'll do this tomorrow - trying to think up weird things about me that aren't SO weird that I'll lose all my bloggy friends ;)

gretty said...

I have the exact opposite thing with the phone - I assume everyone will want to drop whatever they are doing just to hear my voice. Caller ID, I now see, has been my downfall.

crse said...

Jen, Im emailing you. Jesse, it took like five minutes to figure out what you meant. Then I felt stupid. LB when are good chat times? god i miss you. Pippa, you are too good to me. And thanks about the weirdness thing. I think. Nancycle I have that effect on people. Canada, it is a sight to behold except i dont sit demurely. I lay on a bunch of pillows on the couch until my head is right underneath. Its heavenly. Gretty, it is true about you!