Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Mt. Lemmon

This post is a tribute to the fabulous Jesse because well....he is fabulous...

Once upon a time there was a girl who lived on a mountain. Ok that's kind of lame. And it begs a lot of questions. That might be a good way to do this? As a question/answer format!

Q: How the hell did you end up on a mountain?
A: Well....thats a good question. I kind of moved there for a girl. A beautiful blond fairy (who happens to be one of my boys' fairy godmother's to this day) who got me a job in the cafe where she worked. I brought some baggage with me including the boy I loved (Gill Smoke), a meth head, Norm's namesake, a baby (spawn of meth-head), and two german shepards. (One of whom had a GLARING PERSONALITY DISORDER).

Q: And what mountain was this?
A: This was Mt. Lemmon Arizona, in a little town called Summerhaven pop. 54 (?). 28 miles and 7500 feet above Tucson.

Q: Was it beautiful? Or haunted?
A: Yes and Yes.

Q: Did you love it or hate it?
A: Yes and Yes.

Q: Were there any strange characters there?
A: Oh yes. We had a friend whose name was Julie Ware and when people asked her "Julie Who?" she would reply "No, julie ware". That never got old. We also got to know the guy who owned A Certain Frozen Pizza empire". He was a raging alcoholic and always wore a shirt that made him look like a cross between Freddy Kruger and a bumble bee.

Q: What was the best part of living on the mountain?
A: The amazing amazing sunsets. Living in a resort area. People go there to relax for a reason.

Q: What was the worst part?
A: The distance from civilization. I would fantasize about going to the grocery store and being home without the trip consuming an entire afternoon. Being poor. Not having transportation. Everyone knowing your business. The bears. Everything closing by ten.

Q: What were the weirdest parts?
A: Being so close to death. People were constantly dying on the way up and down the mountain. Being so isolated from "town".
That and Lesbian Country Keraoke night. Especially when the couple that ran it would be fighting. Then the one partner would belt out drunken versions of Patsy Cline songs all night long. It was a bit depressing to say the least.

Q: What are the biggest regrets involving the mountain?
A: NOt being kinder to the people i loved while I was up there (see above beautiful fairy and boy I love). Losing touch with Mark Roller (who interestingly hails from Minneapolis as well and is also the funniest guy Ive ever met and also who still influences the sense of humor in our marriage to this day)

Q: What was the greatest learning experience?
A: Learning that I am mean when Im depressed. Learning to belly dance (still not that good at it, but im thinking about revisiting it...). Learning to read tarot, and learning it scared the hell out of me. Learning way way too much about home-made beer making.

Thus concludes another scintillating tale from the files of crse. Great questions folks, feel free to ask more if there is anything I didnt cover. My life is an open book. Just ask dirty louie.


Gill Smoke said...

I love you. Remember the bed?

factor 10 said...

But...but...where was Jesse in all of this? I adore stories like this, because these are the stories of real life-- and it's obviously created some great memories! (I think that fish is wiggling his eyebrows at you!)

I drive people crazy because I'll ask them to tell me a story.. If I must, I'll give them a theme, like best or worst birthday, but I just want the story of something that made one of THOSE memories.. Um, no, maybe not THOSE memories...the sweet and the bittersweet that work their way into family lore...those memories.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME. There's so much about your life on the mountain I didn't know...and so much I've forgotten in the past decade that I love hearing again. :)

Jesse said...

Score one for mountains. I grew up in Colorado. I love me some mountains.

p.s. not to be nit picky, but my name links to your blog...

crse said...

ohhh thats awkward. Thanks for pointing that out...

crse said...

I love you too baby! And I do remember the bed! Jen, Jesse asked one time about me living on the mountain. One day I will post about our wedding. Its totally one of THOSE stories.
LB- I know! Im glad you were part of me then and still are now.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, I'd be in heaven....You can climb it!

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Anonymous said...



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