Wednesday, July 19, 2006

props to the fabulous jesse for this one....

Grammatical pet-peeve: Saying "we was". Why don't you go duel some banjos there cletus?

Household pet peeve: Crusty cereal dishes. Or any crusted food really. Rinse the damn bowl. Its not like we've paid the water bill since April anyway. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Arts & Entertainment pet peeve: Previews for scary movies that scare the hell out of you. I dont need this while Im watching Jihad In The Media at 1am.

Liturgical pet peeve: Windy prayers. Dude, you are boring GOD ok? Nice thing about unitarians. You dont get windy silences.

Wild card: Oh god so many things. Inattentive servers. Pretty much anything my spouse does. Losing my money card or driver's license. Running out of hot water in the shower. When a fast food place screws up my order. Ill stop now.

Bonus: What could I do that may irritate other? Without a doubt my tardiness problem. Which of course Im late right now


Jesse said...

We wuz hunt'n fer snipe.

**Sorry, this comment is contentless.**

luckybuzz said...

"boring GOD" made me LOL, much as I hate to admit it. :)

crse said...

yes exactly...we wuz scrappin up road kill. wunna cum fur supper?

LB I live to make you LOL you know that right?

factor 10 said...

I LIKE this one! My personal grammar peeve is the "A vs An"
AN eskimo walks into A bar...why is this hard for people?