Saturday, July 15, 2006

moment of clarity (the smelly cat ladies post)

Note to self: Do not post pictures of your children on the net and then write scathing things about how absurd those involved in corrupt activities in your town behave. Instead lets talk about the crazy cat ladies. (Im a closet court tv JUNKIE) I read this and being involved in the study of people, I can't help but ask myself, what makes you cross that line to being the crazy smelly cat ladies. There has to be a critical point where you decide not to follow societal norms anymore and suddenly it doesn't seem like such a big jump between housing a hundred cats against health code regulations and hiding your mother's corpse. Obviously mental illness is a factor. It isn't uncommon for more than one person to be mentally ill when they grow up in a dysfunctional family. But I keep wondering, what the hell happened? They are both smiling in their mug shots. Was there ever a sense of normalcy in their lives where they knew that having a hundred cats was a bad idea? They clearly knew the corpse hiding thing was not good as they told the cops their mother was "travelling". Yet, although the results are still questionable, reports indicate that the corpse did not appear to suffer trauma.

How did she die? Why did they hide her? Whats up with all the cats? This is the kind of story I would want to read an entire book about.


gretty said...

Look deeply into those smiling vacant eyes in their mug shots and tell me crazy isn't catching!

factor 10 said...

Do you think if they had gotten away from their immediate family, they would have gained that sense of what the "normal" world is? Or would there have been three cat households instead of just one?

luckybuzz said...

Those mug shots are totally creepy.

There IS a difference between four cats and a hundred. There IS. :)

crse said...

You know? Im not saying this to be mean, only because it is true and YLH would be the first to back me. My mother in law has the same look in her eyes, and YLH says her sisters do too. So im guessing there is a fair shot that there could be three crazy cat households. LB there is a huge difference. You are not going the way of the crazy cat ladies I swear. Gretty! Im so glad to see you!