Friday, July 07, 2006

my town

I think most of us could agree that towns have distinct personalities. Like New york city is that schizophrenic but hilariously funny aunt you only see on holidays that your parents hate but you adore, although you really dont want her sleeping in your room when she visits. Seattle is like the teenage kid that hangs out at denny's smoking cigarettes and talking philosophy all night long. He would be annoying but he is a really sweet kid. Chicago is like your dad's friend who drinks too much and is always overdressed at barbeques but has amazing food at every gathering.

My town? My town is kind of like a crazy homeless person. You know how crazy homeless people have those rants? well my town's rants have taken form. There are little pockets of crazy all over town and then crazy permeations (is that a word?) that are specific only to this town. A good example would be the tornado sirens going off on tuesday while fireworks were going off for three hours straight all over town. My town is "that" kind of crazy. Im going to leave it at that for tonight. But there is more. Much much more.

*** (add-on) Ok as LB indicated, not only did we keep eating, watch our loved ones set off fireworks and ignore the sirens (no Canada, it wasnt for the festivities, there were tornados spotted within the county, but thanks for giving us the benefit of the doubt!) but despite that LB and I spent a large part of the next few days together and with others who were at the party NOBODY EVEN MENTIONED THAT ANYTHING WAS EVEN REMOTELY AMISS ABOUT THAT NIGHT!!!! And i love this about not only my town but our people.

Also, when my friend FROM ANOTHER STATE CALLED TO CHECK ON ME while i was at the party, i called my father to check on him as he was even closer to the storm than we were. Not only did he not answer nor return the call, but we hung out yesterday and when he discussed the fourth, he merely described the FIREWORKS HE WATCHED ALL NIGHT LONG FROM HIS PORCH. Needless to say, he has lived here all his life.

Another totally "this town" incident that occurred at the party was that that a very goth looking 2o something year old woman with many pierced facial parts and an attitude the size of that tornado, leaned over to me at the party and made a snarky comment about the hosts having limited side dishes. She wanted to know where the cheesy potatoes were. This angry young dude is rebelling against the entire world view in which she was raised. But dammit, she wants her cheesy potatoes on the side. And so do i. (the food was really good over all though. AMAZING PIE) So much more about this town to come. Oh trust me.


luckybuzz said...

More, please. I love the towns/relatives analogies you have going here (and Seattle made me laugh), but there's so much more to say about your town...(And wasn't part of what was so typical about the town that everyone just continued eating and setting off fireworks while TOTALLY IGNORING three hours of tornado sirens?) :)

Canada said...

THREE hours of tornado sirens! Wow. But maybe they were just setting them off to be festive - kind of an accompaniment to the fireworks.

Ottawa is like my husband - fun in the early evening, but mostly has to be in bed by 10. (it has improved in the past few years - the sidewalks don't actually roll up anymore, and there are a few places that are open late, but it's still a very government town with less nightlife than you'd want)

Jesse said...

OOooh, I want to play.

Minneapolis is like, um.. how about an aunt. Or maybe a mother. Or whatever realtive is very well kempt and homey while being extremely passive agreesive.. Or something.

OK so I fail at this. I blame a vicious gin induced hangover.

crse said...

Canada, im fairly certain I may have hung out with Ottowa in the early 90s and thought he would make a good mate someday...Jesse IVE BEEN TO MINNEAPOLIS AND THAT IS WHAT ITS LIKE!!! Remind me sometime to tell you about the most harrowing radio commercial I EVER HEARD on the radio there.

LB: I totally have to alter my entry because of your response! You opened up so much more about that night that needs mentioned!

luckybuzz said...

You know, I noticed a glaring lack of cheesy potatoes myself, but I shudder to think that puts me in Crazy Crackhead Goth world.

Mmmm, now I want cheesy potatoes.