Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Gretty!

Its Gretty's birthday! I have so many interesting current events things to post about but it took me TWO ENTIRE HOURS to catch up on your blogs friends! Rockdog was just talking about blogcrushes and my problem is im totally crushed out on every single blog i read. And I have to update my roll because there are more crushes that you might not even know about! Anyway, i digress, I want to dediate this to my darlin gretty. I cant even begin to tell you how much she means to me (although tomorrow should yield a "thirteen things about gretty" list). Ive actually been collecting quotes from her for a while to make a TT but my short term memory sucks so Im going to start posting them as they happen. And for her birthday, Here is a top ten of quotable Gret:

1. {Firmly, with indignation) There is no symbiotic relationship between the weasel and the human!
2. If that Microtel could talk…..
3. Yeah I went on quite the trampage around that time….
4. So my mom was up on vacation and she had the chickens with her of course.
5. (to norm) You need a shirt that says “Im a winner!”
6. (again to norm) Don’t blink the lights like that. You are going to trigger my sociopathy.
7. Most people would have crossed the line to creepy a long time ago. I like to think we are special.
8. (Dora saying “what was your favorite trick?”)(To dora) When you died.
9. He has tourette’s and before you get excited, its not the good kind.
10. Once I have steps, the only other thing Im going to need (my boyfriend) for is that second income!


RockDog said...

"I love you all"

Are you runnig for office or did you just win an Emmy??? LOL! It's OK not to have a crush on the RockDog...I like porn, beer, and it really a smart decision??? LOL!

YOU ROCK! (and are fun to mess

Ash said...

Happy Birfday dear Gretty, happy birfday to you(sung in the most awful, off-tone voice you have ever had the pleasure not to meet)

C, I'm calling at 11, best pick up!

Jay said...

Happy Birthday to Gretty. I'll have to go over there and check this blog out.

luckybuzz said...

#1 is the clear winner here. :)

Bunny said...

"trampage" - Love it!! Is a trampage when you go out dressed in your slutty best and flirt (or worse) with anyone in sight? If so, I have also been on a trampage. Will go wish gretty a happy b-day!

ZigZagMan said...

I can sooooo relate to #8!!! :)

Stinkbait Boucher said...

Funny. I just checked out Gretty's place for the first time and now I have a new blog crush. Great. I thought I was actually going to work tonight.... plan B.

gretty said...

Crse - you've done more for my image than I ever managed on my own!
Thanks for the b-day wishes everyone!

crse said...

Rockdog- Lets be honest here. You know you are so crushed out on my blog you cant even admit it. You just listed all the stuff we have in common! And of course i wouldnt shoot you down. Im sensitive to even my most ardent admirers! (seriously, I am so sending that right back atcha, both the you rock and the being fun to mess with)
Ash- I NEED THAT CELL PHONE NUMBER! Its thursday woman!
Jay- just promise me that you will wear a helmet when you go. She is hazardous.
LB- Since you know her cant you hear the inflection?
Bunny- My guess is that if you think you might have been on a trampage, you probably have!

crse said...

Zig- She was so deadpan and off-hand when she said it too. It makes me sad that you miss the delivery and tone!
Stinkbait- Im sure your attentions will be an honor for her. If I know my Gret, you may have actually successfully shamed her into blogging more regularly!
Gret- Trust me baby, you do that all on your own. Im just the messenger.