Thursday, July 05, 2007

The shrieking and the wailing and the tearing out of the hair

- The Turnip has had a double ear infection since tuesday night. Those three words do not begin to describe this experience to you. Its one of those things Im going to look back on and wonder how the hell we lived through it.

- Watched a documentary about the dark side of chimpanzees on the National Geographic on Demand channel. Friends, Im scared. And you should be too.

- Also watched the "Last King of Scotland" on Tuesday night. Interesting movie.

- Can't help but notice the "sick and recovering" Turnip's similarities not only to Idi Amin but also to a band of deranged chimpanzees. Sort of like if you can imagine a delusional vicious power crazed chimpanzee despot who consumes baby monkeys out of pure malice? That would be the turnip these last few days.

- I want to share happy things friends. Right now though, I hear his excellency moving around and I need to go hide in my room right now before Gill notices. He has not been properly traumatized and deserves to pay some damn dues.

Thank you all for the wonderful bloggiversary wishes. Im glad to know and share with all of you!!!


gretty said...

You know I'm a lover of all creatures, but chimps freak me out - too much like spoiled, violent, obnoxious people!

Stinkbait Boucher said...

Are we flinging poo? That's among the first signs of real chimp despots.

That and the smoking and the wearing of vests.

Jay said...

"The dark side of chimpanzees"?

All the smoking, drinking and unprotected sex?

"The Last King of Scotland" was pretty good. Forrest Whittaker's Oscar was deserved.

Bunny said...

"band of deranged chimpanzees" - YES, exactly!! My Girl (29 mo.) has been sick this week too (103F temp, etc.) and deranged chimp describes her perfectly!!!! Sorry you're experiencing that, but glad to know I'm not alone. Hopefully the weekend will be better.

Canada said...

Oooh, those double ear infections are a bitch. Chimps are vicious, gorillas are much kinder and much more gentle. I hope the Turnip amps down a few notches from chimp to gorilla until he's all better. Feelin' your pain, and sending you love and speedy get well wishes!

RockDog said...

I had a double dip ice cream cone last weekend, but I'm guessing that is nothing like a double ear infection...

Have a great weekend!

RockDog Unleashed - Saturdays @ Midnight Eastern!

ZigZagMan said...

Manchild used to get ear infections alot when he was younger....I know the feeling.

As for the chimp need to feed that nipper more porkchops, and fewer bananas...:)

#64...since ya goaded me, ever have nipple hair?? and if so....what do ya do with it?? :)

The Mistress of the Dark said...

If you want a laugh, you might want to come to my blog :)

Deranged chimps? That's like my sister 99.9% of the time :)

luckybuzz said...

Oh, poor Turnip! (And poor all of you!) I hope you're all doing better by now...

Pippajo said...

Woe, indeed. I feel for all in your household, truly I do.

Also, monkeys, in my book, are right up there with clowns. Damn annoying, borderline scary, all around freaky. I have accepted that we disagree on clowns, but I am happy we agree on monkeys, right? RIGHT?

Hope your little baby re-evolves soon.

crse said...

- gretty, we know some chimps in our lives dont we?

-Senor Stinkbait. He not only flings his poo but he has on occasion eaten his poo. There will be no vests in this house. That should cover us until he learns to create fire.

-Jay! YOU HAVE NO IDEA. Its horrific. Pretty good is a good way to describe the movie because it acknowledges the deficits. But yes FW did deserve that oscar.

-Bunny, I told you they should hook up!

- Canada, thanks sweetie!

-Rockdog, not unless the ice cream was laced with glass and needles and came with a jackhammer drilling into your brain.

-Zig you read my mind. Ive been giving him as much red meat as possible. Little demon baby. As for #64 oh sweet mother of all things holy no! And the only thing else i can tell you about the trauma? THere are no words..

-LB, he just needed a little of that luckybuzz lovin' because he started to get better after your comment!

-Pippa...sweetie? Chimps arent monkeys exactly. THey eat baby monkeys. But YES! Im not a huge fan of the primates in general so yes we are united on this baby!