Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Where the hell have I been?

Ack. Family madness. we will leave it at that.

What do I have to report? Hmmm not much. We are on "vacation". Apparently when your children are small "vacation" does not imply relaxation. Instead we have a mad family fun week with the fabus planned. Tomorrow is a water park/amusement park. Thursday is the zoo. Friday is the lake.

You know its going to be a bad visit when the doctor asks your five year old if he eats healthy and he looks at you nervously.

I just baked cookies that melded together at the bottom of the pan. Am i going to throw them away? hell no. We will chop them with knives and we will eat them heartily.

McDonald's has consistently pissed me off these past few months. I have very low expectations to begin with so to disappoint me is difficult in terms of fast food. But they have done so. And verily I am pissed.

I really WANT to go to the fabus tonight for ribs and corn. I really NEED to clean and prepare for tomorrow. Ill let you know how that ends up.

We are getting a land line so I can fax things in accordance with new work requirements. Gill is pissed and wants me to "e-fax" although the land line is cheaper. I felt intimidated by e-fax anyway. He is calling me an idiot and deemed the extra cost an "idiot tax". Once again proving my point that I will endure about anything to get my own way.

I think we all know how bad i suck and how far behind i am. No need to beat it into the ground....


Lisa said...

You sound all scattered, girly. Like your mind is going in 100 directions ALL at once. Take a deep breath, figure out what YOU need to stay balanced and sane and then make plans to get that. :-)

Sending you some love and light.

Factor 10 said...

You suck only in the best of all possible ways. Gill should remember that.

I recommend ribs & corn, and then midnight laundry/cleaning.

Just call me Grasshopper.

Bunny said...

I'm with Jen - ribs & corn first, and only then cleaning and laundry.

We're going to the zoo on Thursday too! Different zoo for sure, but zoo nonetheless!

Your "vacation" sounds somewhat like mine from last week. Arrgghh! After family vacation, mom & dad need an adult vacation (aka weeklong nap).

Chin up, bud.

gretty said...

Glad to hear from you - I was getting worried!

Jay said...

Amusement parks, zoos and the lake? I should have gone on vacation with you!

The Mistress of the Dark said...

You are in Erie. I am sulking, cos I was supposed to be there this week :(

Ash said...

You do not suck. Gill sucks. all men suck(oooh, is my bitter slip showing?) sounds like fun in the sun, and yeah with kids, vacation does not mean the same thing.

Take the beach: I can go by myself, bake in the sun, engross myself in a book and generally just ignore everything.

Beach with kids: make sure Lei is slathered in sunblock, bring all the sand toys, bring the swimmies, make sure she does not wander off while I am trying to read my book. don't forget extra towels, a change of clothes because she hates to sit in sandy bathing suit plus the everlasting "mama, build with me, mama swim with me, mama, watch me!........now I have the baby to think about: baby sunblock, make sure baby is not to hot, baby tent, baby towel....It goes on and on, my friend.

RockDog said...

Other than messing up a simple 2 item order, how does McDonald's piss you off?

crse said...

Lisa- thank you! I slept til one today. I feel better already!
Jenn (grasshopper)- I did do the ribs and corn and did not regret it!
Bunny- Sister I know exactly what you mean. Good luck at the zoo. We are going friday now.
Gretty- I miss you.
Jay- you should never go on vacation with me unless you plan on drinking heavily and mocking the whole time. Then you would have fun.
MOTD- read next post. You have NOTHING to be jealous of. Trust me.
Ash-oh sweetie. Look at it this way. By the time you are my age it WILL be like that!
Rockdog- I can take mistakes. I cannot tolerate self-righteousness in one's mistakes...