Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The final sixteen (well fifteen)

Friends, you've been so patient. Im certain that every little bit you don't know about me tortures you night and day. I apologize.....

49. I cheated my way through three different typing classes without really learning to touch type. As it stands, I can type without looking but as soon as I think about it, I can’t do it anymore.
50. Although it is somewhat illogical, I made the realization this morning that although babies are good and Doritos are good, babies covered in Doritos cheese are gross.
51. I’ve been in therapy for ten years this fall and I still am completely amazed at what an idiot I can be.
52. I just rediscovered marshmallows covered in toasted coconut and they rock just as much as I remembered they did.
53. I am always suspect when a movie gets great reviews for being the “funniest movie of the season” when none of the trailers are funny at all.
54. If you add all the times Ive actually worn lipstick in my life together, at least half of those times involved me cleaning and finding a lipstick along the way.
55. I played corn hole for the first time of the season and once again realized that it STILL is a glaring metaphor for my life.
56. When I eat pizza, I rake off all the toppings and mop the extra sauce off.
57. I was a vegetarian for three horrific months in the mid 90s. I was so bitchy my supervisor BEGGED me to start eating meat again. I did. On Good Friday.
58. I am not crazy about dill pickles but I get them on sandwiches just so I can pick them off because I like the pickle flavoring.
59. I am the queen of snap judgments. Stupid little things can make me dislike someone. And Im generally wrong. I have a very dear co-worker friend who I despised at first because he did not fuss over my baby pictures when I met him. Turns out he was very overwhelmed as it was his first day. I still make him tell me how cute my children are on a regular basis though.
60. In my “break up letter” to my doctor, I ratted out the mean ladies on her staff. I feel good about it too.
61. I deliberately encourage mispronunciations in my children. I use the word “babbies” with the Turnip to talk about babies and tell Norm things happened before he was “boring”. (Come on people, its not worse than making them French kiss for my entertainment)
62. Although I love the show “My gym partner is a monkey” the main character, Adam Lyon is the whiniest, most annoying, entitled complainer I’ve seen on TV in a while. I think I watch just in case somehow he is mauled by the other animals.
63. I kind of wish I was not completely appalled by rats because they are fascinating and brilliant.

Now as my loyal readers may know already, tomorrow is my one year bloggiversary. Sooooo in honor of my very special day, YOU get to ask whatever question you want about me for the sixty fourth fact. I might not answer though :-)


Jenny Ryan said...

#58-I thought I was the only one who did that!

Happy Blog-a-versary :)

Canada said...

Happy blog-iversary, dear crse!!!!! Thanks you for being highly entertaining and always witty. I look forward to someday meeting in real life.

Okay, as for the question . . . hmmmm . . . what to ask . . . . too much pressure!!! Let me get back to you!!

gretty said...

Happy Bloggiversary! There are so many things I want to ask for your final question, but I want to know - who's your real favorite right now, turnip or norm?

The Mistress of the Dark said...

57 :) LOL!

Happy Bloggerversary :)

luckybuzz said...

#58: I order pepperoni pizza and pick them off (and give them to a very happy GB) because, despite being mostly-veg, I love pepperoni flavor.


Pippajo said...

Wait, you've only been blogging a scant year? How did I miss that? Just a dope, I guess.

Happy Blogiversary, sweet crse! And here's to many more happy blogging years!

As for the 64th question, I think I'll leave that to your cleverer fans.

ZigZagMan said...

LOL...good answers....so much for my boobies and nipple 64th question...:)

Happy blogaversary!!!

RockDog said...

56. When I eat pizza, I rake off all the toppings and mop the extra sauce off.

So let me get this right...

You basically like cooked dough with an essence of sauce??? LOL!

Ash said...

Happy bloggaversary, my love! It's been quite a year!

I have a really good question: When did you start to "like" your children?

I'm addressing this one in my next blog.

Jay said...

I tried to be a vegetarian for about 3 days once. I just thought it would be cool to tell babe I was a vegetarian. I changed my mind.

I'll have to think of a decent question and come back.

Bunny said...

Thinking about it totally messes up my typing too!
Working on coming up with a #64 for ya . . .

crse said...

Jenny- I feel free-er now how about you?
Canda- Thanks baby right back atcha.
Gretty- I think you already know the answer for today.
MOTD- Thank you!
Luckybuzz- I owe it all to you baby. I need to remember this about the pepperoni pizza and I think you and Norm may have this in common!
Pippa- Its because you were with me at the beginning. Hope we share many long blog buddy years together, my VERY CLEVER FRIEND!
Zig- Boobies and nipple question? COME ON, you gotta put that out there! I need to maintain my r-rating!
Rockdog- Well not exactly buddy. I like the toppings. Just on the side. After all stray tomato and pepper chunks have been removed. And I put a lot of shaky cheese on the crust.
Ash- Sweetie. Today is not the day to ask me this one....I love my children. I do.
Jay- Thats awesome! I actually was worried the veg thing would lessen my own desirability! (its just so...un-meaty) It was a buddhist thing for me...didnt take!
Bunny- I like to think of us as strangely gifted!

Mert said...

59. Yup, me too! Happy bloggiversary! :D