Sunday, May 06, 2007

All over but the cryin'

Loyal friends and readers, Im sorry it took me til sunday to end my tale of surviving the Perfect Storm, but I did it. I should tell you that I just finally managed to recover enough to write. But that would be a lie. I actually went to the woods yesterday with Aunt Erthy and boys (including george but not gill) and came home and took the kids to a birthday party for my niece, (Lucy's daughter Jelly Bean). I did sleep all day today which was nice. But am getting ready to take Norm on a date to the movies. (BTW we updated Normtasia yesterday). So Ill dash off the friday for you to fill you in!

-When I showed up at nine she was playing uno with the smelly kid and our jailtime buddy. An ineffective substitute aide was there in place of both aides but fortunately classroom teacher was also there. I told her she could earn five gummy bears if we made it to pinata time. I was hopeful but not optimistic.

-We began with testing. PS was fantastic but tensions were brewing. This time between Hannibal and Repeat. I have surmised that these tensions involve yoko for some reason. I have no direct proof of this.

-Around 1020 we went to gym. It was at that point that tensions boiled over. We were late for specials so it was just our little posse of dysfunction. Im not sure exactly how it started but it seems that Hannibal insulted Repeat one too many times. Repeat flung himself into Hannibal and fists started flying. PS is backing away and Jailtime buddy is trying to pull Repeat off. I just kind of stood there blocking PS until Jailtime buddy yells for me to help. Now friends, not only is it illegal for me to help, it is HIGHLY illegal for me to help. So I do the only thing I can think to do. I step in between them in sort of a bastardized ghandi move. I fully expected to get pummeled and I am cursing them out in my head because I know this means a huge form to fill out. But something amazing happened. They stopped fighting. I was facing hannibal and he is leaning around me yelling death threats and tossing off an "im sorry for this ms. crse". Jailtime buddy dragged Repeat away and the teacher who had been summoned by another worker took hannibal. I looked at PS and she looked at me and all she said is "are we ready?".

- After gym we took another test and did fine. By this point Im starting to get nervous. Things are going too well. Im just waiting for the other shoe to drop. But lunch time comes. And goes. With no issues.

-I could give you details about the bizarro world afternoon where Charlie and PS worked together on a word find and then shared bean bags during a movie (during which of course Im frozen in the attack position in case I need to intervene) and NOTHING happened!

-She made it to the pinata. She made through a wild candy collection. She made it through outside recess. She made it all the way to the end. And then? She gave me back the five gummy bears.


ZigZagMan said...

I'm not sure if your just earning trust or being plotted against....but either way....great end to the stormy week....:)

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Woo hooo!

M Fabu said...

....and this is why we all love her!....she is, indeed, the perfect storm...

M Fabu