Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Things I learned today

- Even though some shampoos contain honey, it is not good to have honey in your hair. In fact, it gets quite painful if you dont know how to deal with it. If you ever get honey in your hair, go directly to the shower. Even if there is a fork or a piece of toast involved. Also, it probably isnt going to come out the first time you wash so get ready to go back in.

- Telling your brother "I hope you dont die" when he goes to bed can actually be seen as a step in the right direction, and beats the alternative previous bedtime wish which cannot be written.

- The green goblin in spiderman 3 has dissociative identity disorder. (And apparently so does my 18 year old client now that she's seen it) Also, dealing with people who think they have Dissociative Identity Disorder makes me want to punch them.

- Even though Im almost 37, Im scared to talk to the principal.

- Related to the above, if receiving a return phone call from the principal, try to remember that he will not take you seriously if you ask him to hold because you are wandering around sheetz, looking for a place to put the collection of beverages you were gathering when he called. It is much better to ask him to hold and pretend that you are talking to someone else. (sorry about that again, Madame Fabu).

- Even if you do make the principal laugh with said sheetz situation, it is still not fun to schedule a follow up call for the next morningto discuss why he thinks your agency sucks. If you do this, your stomach will probably hurt all night long.

- Doing the right thing clinically and professionally can cause stomach aches on a regular basis.

-Sometimes talking about cartoons can de-escalate very tense situations.

Ok I think thats about all ive got to pass forward in terms of helpful hints and whatnot.

PS: Gretty I did make charts and write summaries today too! I promise! Ill show you the evidence.....


Jay said...

I've never had honey in my hair. But, it's enough of a pain to clean off the counter. I can image what a hassel it would be to get out of hair.

luckybuzz said...

"-Sometimes talking about cartoons can de-escalate very tense situations."

This is damn fine advice.

ZigZagMan said...

I think my wednesday post is just for you friend.......:)

nancycle said...

I second the power of cartoons.

I also think that saying "if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball" as said in the movie Dodgeball in a very loud and stern voice will definitely diffuse any stressful situation.


winterskibunny said...

Did the Turnip play any part in the honey/hair/toast/fork incident?

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Reading your "Things I learned today" helps add a little levity to the everyday stress. Seems everytime I stop to smell the flowers, I get stung by the bee. Keep the Turnip away from the Honey! hothddyna2001

RockDog said...

Sometimes I put honey in my ear, then freeze it, and pull the ear hair out...is it anything like that?