Monday, May 07, 2007

An alphabet meme of my worst habits, just to see if i can do it

A- Anxiety binding through all sorts of unhealthy practices.
B- Blocking all kinds of traffic from bank drive thru to the grocery line for different reasons of personal idiocy.
C- Clenching the jaws
D- Disorganization
E- Eating WAY too much sugar.
F- Forgetting important things like where i put my glasses and dr. appointments.
G- Grinding the teeth
H- Hating people for stupid things like cutting me off in traffic or screwing up two of my patients' funding.
I- Isolating. I do this a lot at home. I dont mean to cut off the world but its just so much safer in here.
J- Joking around at EXTREMELY inappropriate times and about EXTREMELY inappropriate subjects. Im way too offensive to even elaborate on this.
K- Keeping troublesome things like loosely wrapped gum and baby wipes (unused) in my pockets only to find myself wondering why my leg is damp or having to unstick my money from my keys when at the register (see B)
L- Laziness.
M- Making messes. Big and small.
N- Not trusting my instincts.
O- Ordering food like an 80 year old dementia patient with food allergies. (RT friends you know what Im talking about)
P- Procrastinating of course.
Q- Quitting every single hobby or project Ive ever started that wasnt mandatory INCLUDING my commitment to work through all the free cell games on a three year plan.
R- Roaming aimlessly around when basic tasks need to be completed, particularly when large groups of people are involved.
S- Saving things I dont need while tossing out things i need.
T- Talking incessantly when I need to be quiet.
U- UGLY drinking binges.
V-video games. Right now its mah jong.
W-WASTING money like it is water.
X- (ok a little poetic license here!) eXpecting people to act like sane grown ups when experience has shown time and again that they will not.
Y- Yelling at Gill when he is acting like a naggy bitch as opposed to calmly reframing things for him. (yeah thats MY bad habit)
Z- Zipping pockets or purses or briefcases. I dont. And things fall out.

WOW I did it! And it didnt take that long! Im sure gill could elaborate at length. Im not tagging ANYONE for this because its not the most self-affirming meme in retrospect.....


Crawlspace said...

Hmmm, it would seem I suffer from a large portion of the above.

ZigZagMan said...

I was all with ya till the candy in pocket thing.....ewww!!!!!! Goofs tag is up goof....:)

Anonymous said...

Gonna give this baby a little go when I get back...

Ash said...

Omigawd! I feel inspired! except, omigosh,all of my habits are so much worse!

winterskibunny said...

The clenching jaw and grinding teeth thing, I had through my last years in corporate america. Now it is gone.....

winterskibunny said...

Well, I got some of that other stuff too actually LOL. But there are few people I know that have the jaw clench and teeth grinding thing.

Or in my case...had. Think I should rejoin corporate america LOL? Once I clamped my jaws shut, on a pen, and a large chunk of my molar cracked off. That's when I knew that I needed to stop that, and get to a dentist!!

Mert said...

Oh my sweets, we are cut from the same mold. Again Kindred spirits. I can honestly say that almost all of those apply to me.