Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday Musings

Sorry about the long pause there friends. Weekend madness has ensued. Its party season now and the whirlwind is beginning. The two birthday parties of the weekend were lovely. One was a bowling alley party involving about twenty little girls ranging from 6-8 years and a smattering of boys. Needless to say I was kind of dreading that, not because of the birthday girls but well...for the obvious reasons. But as fate would have it, the girls were way less screamy and the alley way less loud than i expected! The other birthday party was AWESOME! Very relaxed and social with good food and good company and an amazingly beautiful baby celebrating her first birthday. Stretched the turnip way past his point of tolerance but it was worth it! Yesterday we went to see Shrek with the female Fabus as Senor Fabu was working overtime. Just delightful I tell you! Anyway, Ive been thinking about my monday blogging. I realize im kind of negative on mondays which is not really reflective of how i feel about mondays. Secretly? I kind of like Mondays! They are almost never as bad as I anticipate them to be on sundays. So I think instead of bitch and moan monday (which may come back with a moments notice) and missing mondays (which kind of made me sad!) Im going to try monday musings. Random observations on a monday. So here goes:

- I am really really puzzled by these two characters on Camp Laslo. They are large and purple and have these halos of flies that follow them everywhere. What the hell are these things? Any input is welcome.

- I was handling a crisis call from home this morning and the kids were being surprisingly cooperative. In the midst of the call, turnip toddles over and climbs up on my lap. He has the remote control and he starts talking into it like a phone. Im watching him and thinking, man i could probably switch phones and the client on the other end would probably not even notice. Nothing says Im making a difference in the world like that kind of realization....

- As a frequent sheetz customer/devotee, I cannot figure out why all the pennsylvania sheetzes have espresso bars and all the Ohio ones do not. It does not seem to be based on old sheetz versus new sheetz. I want to know why this is.

This might end up being a liveblog because its taken two freaking hours to complete this due to all the distraction. Stay tuned friends!


Jay said...

I've never heard of Camp Laslo so I don't know what that's all about.

You make more of a difference in the world that you probably realize.

Maybe it's illegal to sell espresso and gas in the same place in Ohio?

I'm sure I was a lot of help there. ;-)

ZigZagMan said...

Camp Laslo is a huge hit here.......especially the one where they raid the lunch lady's camper for lost toys!!! :)

You ok buddy???

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Because PA rocks...tee hee. I think the purple things are dung beetles. I love Camp Laslo

luckybuzz said...

Can I just say that I LOVE the idea of the Turnip taking the crisis call for you?