Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Random thoughts on a wednesday

Oh friends, I have soo much catching up to do. Its not just that my work world has apparently turned into some creepy surreal underworld of dread (Madame Fabu can I get an amen!) but the turnip has developed some alarming new habits. He now wakes up at roughly 6am. This would not be bad if we could just snuggle on the couch like the good old days. But friends, my little caligula will not hear of that. We must choose our own breakfast through a series of nods for assent and screams for disappointment. Well...not a lot of nods actually. Mostly just screams. Then we use the same method to choose a beverage and sippy cup of choice. And then a television channel. And it goes on. And on. Interestingly, although he is less snuggly he has exponentially increased his clinginess level in the past few weeks. The difference between snuggling and clinging? Level of satisfaction. So my computer activities have been completely curbed in the waking hours of an unreasonable, demanding, dissatisfied baby. I sent everyone to bed at 815 tonight. God I need to blog about something other than why im not blogging or catching up on my blog readings. But now? Im too damn tired.


luckybuzz said...

I know that I am ultimately the source of the Turnip's behavior. I blame the mind-meld. Sorry. You're essentially dealing with the toddler form of Luckybuzz.


crse said...

Sunshine, if he turns out one eighth the person you are, it will be worth all of this. But did you know that he was sucking all the toddler luckybuzz mojo out of you during the mind meld? Could you feel it?