Friday, September 22, 2006


My apologies for my TTers that commented and left their links. I cannot seem to fix my post to add links without turning the entire rest of the post into a link. I am clearly doing something wrong. I think its time to turn to mr. linky. Next week my friends, next week.

You may notice that my time stamp indicates it is roughly 5am. Yes. Welcome to my new pattern. I go to sleep somewhere between 9 and 11 and am up again at 4. Why? Who knows....I then go back to sleep and have some crazy dreams until I wake to either the screaming or the pounding of the walls from the turnip. Oh sometimes I get treated to a small voice saying "You have to get up mommy. turnip stinks and he is making the room all stinky". This is not a nice way to wake up. Thankfully, the children are eternally cute which takes the edge off. I just try to remember that some day Im going to wistfully look back on the time that my 14 month old managed to spill half a chocolate milkshake all over himself and the carpet, grind about a dozen cold french fries into said carpet and grab an entire bowl of cheerios off his brother and fling them all over the living room all within a two minute time span and say to myself "ah they grew up too fast." On a positive note, it's already friday. Which means the weekend is almost here and gill will be able to rein in his band of spider monkeys and give us all some structure. At least for a few days.


factor 10 said...

No spider monkeys at my house, but Friday is always good news--this week from hell may finally end...Hang in there, sister! Hope your regular sleep patterns return from vacation soon with lovely tropical beach-y dreams for you.

Gill Smoke said...

go back to bed