Monday, September 25, 2006

random things that irritate me

Wow this should be my monday theme. Im irritable this evening. its the end of the month which is never fun for me so i think this might be cathartic on several levels.

- the robotic three stooges. Because the original three stooges arent irritating enough.

- the fact that there is no good way to open and close oreos without leaving them flapping in the freaking wind. Do I want to transfer my damn oreos to tupperware? Why? I dont do it for my leftovers. Why would I do it for oreos?

-rude parents of small children. Ok you know what? your kid is NOT THAT CUTE. I WAS JUST BEING POLITE. Instead of answering my inquiry and compliment in a bored irritated tone, you should have a little grace not only for the above reasons, but also because you are making people that you dont even know hate your guts.

-sporks. I fluctuate on this, to be honest. Next week, you could stop by and sporks could be the greatest thing since sliced bread. Today, however, I had a frustrating episode with a spork and they are back on my list.

- people that have no real understanding of the illegal immigrant situation. NEWSFLASH: Illegal immigrants are NOT AFFECTING YOU IN THE MIDWEST OK? They are not taking your jobs. They are not using your resources. In fact, only about twenty five freaking cents of your tax dollars EVERY YEAR goes towards social programs that they could (but might not even) benefit from. You are ALSO NOT AFFECTED BY ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT CRIME IN IOWA OK? Look at the freaking census. Even better, I will give you twenty bucks and then you cannot complain about this for the next 80 years all right? Oh and by the way? Just because some yahoo sends you an email that lists the LA Times (without dates of course) as a source, does not mean that it is actually a source. By definition? You should be able to check out a source without having to go through the past fifteen years of a daily newspaper and "News with views?" IS NOT REAL NEWS!!!!

Ok I feel a little purged now. Back to the case notes....


factor 10 said...

I think that the oreo thing is similar to what they do for cars...there is a built in upgrade factor in cars, so six months after you buy it, there's a newer, better version. Now I want THAT one (ah, american consumers...). With oreos it's a built in staleness thing--they are going to be stale anyway, may as well kill the package we have more milk?
Or uh, maybe that's just at my house... ahem. Gotta go! Good luck on case files...

Pippajo said...

Leftover oreos? What do you mean? I know not of which you speak.

Aren't they meant to be consumed as a pack? Like PopTarts? Or beer?

Leftover oreos, stop messing with my head!

Anonymous said...

Ha--I think "your kid is not that cute" about annoying parents in public ALL THE TIME. (Not about your kids, of course! I *love* your children more than almost any others, and you know that's true.) And I like your last rant here too. :)

(Oh, it's luckybuzz...i'm tired of logging in and out of google.)

Chief6988 said...

I have to disagree with you in part on the immigration thing. I think it effects us more so than many people realize, though not for the reasons they think.

I keep hearing this BS they take the jobs americans don't want... BS! They take the jobs americans are not willing to do for below min wage, and with no health care, which in turn enables said employers to keep paying squat and not having to give their workers health care.

Personally I say to anyone who wants to come here, welcome, but do it the right way.

And to our government, wake up and do something... we don't need immigration reform, we just need to enforce the damn laws out there already! Quite trying to distract us from all of the other incompitance you have been demonstrating for us!

crse said...

Chief, I hear what you are saying but the right way doesnt exist anymore. How do you think it is affecting you?

Why do I have the funny feeling that this is the first time you've been here because you havent checked my blog since july? Its good to see you anyway sunshine... You should really move to blogger you know....

crse said...

oh did move to blogger but your blog doesnt open.

Chief6988 said...

Yeah, I created an account, but I have not actually created a blog here yet.

Anyway, it doesn't affect me directly, but indirectly I think it has a pretty good impact on the economy. You are only as good as your weakest link.

If we crack down on this stuff and if forces the employers getting away with it to actually pay workers a decent wage, and provide health care that in itself is less of a drain on the system.

And yes there is a right way, you forget I work in the computer industry. I work with tons of people here as legal aliens from India, pakistan, england, and yes even mexico.

And if you don't think it has a reaching effect on the job market in the midwest, you need to visit Columbus or Lexington Kentucky. I'm lived both places, and yes there are a lot of migrant workers in each place.

In Cbus there is at least 2 big round ups a year where they have sting operations and deport a bunch of illegals.

What's sad is they don't have to be illegal...