Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Brain Scramble

You know its going to be a bad afternoon when you come out of your first appointment and there are three messages from the elementary school telling you that your client (lets call her "perfect storm") has exhausted the resources of all the school employees. You know it is going to be worse when the learning support teacher nervously asks you to please praise the worker assigned to the case as she seems about to cry/quit. And you can be assured that you are locked into the horror when you walk by the guidance office where the "perfect storm" is and she is falling off the couch taking all the cushions down with her. If you had any doubts this day was salvagable? They are swept away by the fact that when the guidance counselor sent PS out of the office briefly, a stunned silence filled the room as if nobody could believe what they were witnessing. And the guidance counselor, the guidance counselor who has 20 plus years experience, the guidance counselor who Ive never seen even remotely ruffled in my six and a half years of working at the school, looks at me and says (and I quote) "Oh. My. God." So guess where Im going to be at 8am tomorrow?


Jesse said...

is PF Perfect Storm?

crse said...

Damn. See how scrambled my brain is? Thank you for finding that buddy. Ill fix it now.