Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Jesse MEME

I must confess. My main motivation for stealing this blogging MEME from The Ever Entertaining Jesse...well its included within the MeMe.

Why do you blog?
Several reasons. To keep track of my kids. To keep more "everyday" connected to my friend Luckybuzz. To amuse my friend Madame Fabu at work and my other friends in their settings (school or early morning wind-down after a long night of engraving). And now because ive found all my fantastic new blogger friends! (and im embarrassingly addicted to them!)

How long have you been blogging?
July 4, 2006.


Why do readers read your blog?
well the people who know me want to track the body count. The people who don't? Ambulance chasers? I dont know!!!

What was the last search phrase someone used to get to your site?
this is kind of embarrassing. "girl sexy". It wasnt a google either. I get a lot of eastern european googles for "zamphir" who are more interested in the music of the panflute, i think.

Which of your entries unjustly gets too little attention?

AND THIS IS WHY I HAD TO DO THE ME ME You know what entry unjustly got ignored? And I never thought I would get an opportunity to go back here graciously. MY TOOTHBRUSH POST! I know. I realize it was friday night at 10pm. Labor Day weekend for many of us. That many of you had long weeks. I only blame myself. I should have included a picture. (by the time you read this, it will be done...unless of course you are a really fast reader and click on right when i post this, then you might have to wait a minute...)

I feel like I failed you my readers. And I failed the toothbrush. Somehow I did not impart upon anyone how powerful this toothbrush is. How much its changed my outlook on my dental future. How Im getting my "dont buy me anything" father one for christmas. (and I already told him. Extensively. THe day after I posted about my toothbrush. He doesnt know about the blog....) How one of the first things I do when I become financially solvent is to go and buy this toothbrush for all of my loved ones. I got cold feet. I thought I might put you off if I talked tooo much about my dental phobias which make this finding all that much more miraculous. But please friends. If you are thinking about investing in a new dental product (and Im not affiliated) my dentist (who could be affiliated) described it as one of the top five dental innovations in history. I was afraid to tell you this. Well...as he is a bit...sketchy. Im not asking you to comment on the post. Im just saying that if you want to reach a pinnacle of oral joy and comfort from a small vibrating....er Im just saying it's a hell of a dental experience. Phew! I finally feel the burden lifting! Ive spoken my piece and now I can sleep soundly knowing that if my dear readers remain in dental darkness, I did my best. Peace be to all your teeth everywhere.

Your current favorite blogs
what the hell? all the blogs i read are my favorites! otherwise why would i read them? is this a me-me or sophie's choice for crying out loud?

What blog did you read most recently?
Im beginning to think this Me-Me is trying to stir up discord...

Which feeds do you subscribe to?
Or maybe its a spy....(i really only barely understand what feeds are. Luckybuzz tried to explain it but I think I was kind of hungover and off the adderall and so i just nodded)

What blogs are you tagging with this meme and why?
See I dont even know what tagging means. I see the term. And I think does it mean, "tag you are it?" but then why would technorati be involved?

I have to go add my toothbrush picture now. Good night sweet friends. ANd thank you Jesse. This is the opportunity I needed to scourge my soul of the failed posting.


Canada said...

Okay, you know the details of my obsessive toothbrushing. I just didn't want to seem too eager. But post the damn picture and tell me where to get one!!! (and what is up with the Crest SpinBrush that it says not to use with baking soda toothpaste? Is it so powerful that it will buff holes right through my enamel? Why would they make a product like this?)

luckybuzz said...

Dear god you're entertaining. :)

GB has a toothbrush that he's all obsessed with...I think I'll have to get myself one like yours too. And I love your self portrait! :)

Jesse said...

You're welcome.

And I was the last blog you read, I know it. If I am wrong, it would be best not to tell me, else'n I might have a total break down.

This queens of the stonage song I am listening to is like a million minutes long and all of it is good. Sorry, thats off topic. I am just geeking out for this one song. Its kind of embarassing....


crse said...

I feel compelled to personally address all comments dealing with the toothbrush. Compelled in a very good way.

Canada: Thank you so much for bringing up several good points! The picture was added to the original post. I will promptly add it to this post lest there be confusion. I got mine at walgreens. And funny that you mention spin brushes...initially a spin brush was suggested by the hygienist (with whom my relationship is infinitely more pure and clean) and MY BIGGEST FEAR was that that very thing would happen. (and i didnt even read the warning) I had that fear of all electric toothbrushes and would not have been persuaded to switch for this reason. The sonicare? Is like dozens of little tiny monkeys (sterile hairless monkeys) gently shining and polishing your teeth themselves (think bathroom monkey from saturday night live if he was a sterile hairless stepford bathroom monkey).

LB: IS IT A SONICARE??? OH OH OH PLEASE FIND OUT? Baby, if i become financially stable any time I promise it will be the first gift i give you. I was hoping youd like the self-potrait!

Jesse, it was. it was. of course it was. i have no idea how embarrassing it could be to geek out for something. Really. Thanks for sharing your experience!

Pippajo said...

Okay, you had me until the monkey part. Monkeys are right up there with clowns in my book, even sterile, hairless ones.


Lisa said...

I love my electric toothbrush! MMMM! It's great. I meant to comment on yours and got sidetracked.

I am definitely amused by your blog. Cheers me right up. So, keep on keeping on!

Have a good night.