Monday, September 04, 2006

Crikey er... i mean holy crap

Well who would have seen that coming? But despite my underlying feeling that this was darwinism at work (yes I know it was a one in a million shot. yes i know sting ray stings are seldom fatal. yes i know he was filming a segment for the delightfully precocious bindi sue. yes i know i know i know)Im actually feeling strangely sad by this news because although he annoyed the living shit out of me, I think Steve Irwin was trying to do good things for animals.Im a big fan of doing good things for creatures (both human and non-human) that arent pretty and cute. He was good for that. I really admire his work for the creepy crawlies. Because whether we are fans of the creepy crawlies or not...the world really needs its creepy crawlies.

I gotta say though, this is totally not one of these why do bad things happen to good people things for me. I mean its not grizzly man stupid or anything but Ill tell you this. Barring some massive global upheaval that shifts circumstances in my life beyond my worst fears, or some horrible unforeseen tragedy at a zoo or on a sanctioned or guided tour, I can guarantee you that I will not ever be maulled by grizzlies or impaled by a sting ray. (ok I knocked wood after typing that lest the gods of irony decide to have some creepy laugh at my expense) Peace to your soul Mr. Irwin. Peace to your soul....


factor 10 said...

It is sort of Irony at it's finest that it WASN'T some gi-normous toothy thing that did him in, or one even normally considered lethal or ill-tempered.
What a horrible way to go, but at least the whole fam wasn't there to watch.

luckybuzz said...

My mom *loved* that guy. She's horribly distraught today.

Me, I was Not A Fan. But I just didn't like his style--I love the hell out of Jeff Corwin, whose approach to animals I find much more palatable. But still--I'm sorry he's gone.

Jesse said...

Everytime I have been camping in the woods in Wyoming I have a slight, but constant fear of being attacked by a bear.

I for one am still a bit sad over Steve's death.