Sunday, June 03, 2007

I heart Mike Gravel

I am so mad at myself for not liveblogging the new hampshire debate. This is my fantasy football people. Here are candidate reviews so far: Please feel free to voice your opinions but this is a rudeness free blog so do so politely or Im going to smack you down delete you!

-Joe Biden (Delaware Senator): Ach. I dont know. Politically, he's fine but he just doesnt speak to me. If I am going to be honest, it's because in my late teens I experienced some confusion about The 80s Supreme Judice Nominee Robert Bork and Joe Biden. This went on for an embarrassingly long time (well till about three months ago) Is it a legitimate reason to oppose this guy? But can I vote for him without getting a case of the willies?

-Hilary Clinton (oh come on, we all know Hillary): Now this is probably not a popular viewpoint, but I have to be honest, Im missing the big "hillary is evil" smoking gun here. People I respect are telling me that she is a monster and her election would be a tragedy but I look and look and I cant figure out where that is happen. I do worry because she is a woman and I dont think Joe Q. Wife-beatin' Nosepickin' America is going to vote a woman into office. So friends, feel free to tell me why not Hillary. Im open!

-Chris Dodd (Connecticut Senator): Im sorry buddy but that hair is far too Newt Gingrich to get my vote. Uh did you say something mr. Dodd? I missed it. Your hair was giving me flashbacks.....

-John Edwards (Former North Carolina Senator): Ok not a big fan in 04. Because why does nobody ever bring up that he has the same name as the cross-over guy? Because that scares the hell out of me. Not the name coincidence but that nobody says anything. Why does nobody say anything? It reeks of cover-up to me friends. Plus, he reminds me of the plastic faced evil candidate in those political thriller movies. Tonight, he was just bitchy. I dont want a bitchy plastic faced plausibly evil president with dubious connections to "the other side".

-Mike Gravel (hasnt apparently seen political action SINCE I WAS ELEVEN YEARS OLD! from alaska): I LOVE THIS GUY. How could you not love a guy who discusses his "meds" during a president debate? And i love how he was like "Yeah getting my meds works out fine for me." And he talks about serving in the Korean War. Which was almost 60 years ago. Thats fucking awesome. My absolute favorite though? Was his proclamation that just because the rest of the candidates who haven't gotten us out of Iraq are morally bankrupt, it doesn't mean they are not good people! Seriously, he is radically pro so many things Im radically pro. I may just drop out of my life and join his campaign just to hang out and hear what he says everyday.

-Dennis Kuchinich (Ohio Congressman): In all the political "who is your true president?" quizzes, he is at the top for me. And thats outside of the fact that he is the "favorite son" of the liberals in my area. Is he my favorite candidate politically? Yes. Am I voting for him? Well...I dont know. Why not? Two words. Ralph Nader. I dont like the fact that he is too far out there to win, but we cant afford another 8 years of punishment. On the other hand, if I can stomach the republican nomination, I may do it anyway, just to make the statement that more americans are looking for kucinich-like policies. We know he will not win but the fact that he is up there on that stage gives me hope because he is a walking reminder that this brand of politics cannot be ignored. Also, was that tall red head his wife? WOW.

-Barrack Obama (Illinois Senator): He was my guy going in. But when it comes down to it, it turns out he has some "scare the hell out of me" positions. He wants to renew Patriot Act. Yikes. He doesnt support replacing US Troops with UN Troops nor does he support an immediate withdrawal.

-Bill Richardson (New Mexico Governor): I really liked him! He seemed like he had a lot more to say but honestly, he seemed like the most likable candidate. And dammit, after all this time, don't americans deserve a huggable president?

If I had to vote today? Hillary.


luckybuzz said...

You KNOW I will jump right on board with any conspiracy theories you offer up, but the sad truth is that the Crossing Over guy spells his last name without the final "S". Which really just makes him even freakier, right?

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Let me just say this...Canada. It's all about moving to Canada very soon, because all the democrats scare me...and after W. it will be a cold day in hell before I vote for another republican.

crse said...

LB- Well. That was kind of anti-climactic.I was really hoping for an occult connection. But I needed to know so thank you friend. It doesn't undo his plastic faced evil candidate in a political thriller problem so I still feel slightly more legitimate in my concern than I do over the Bork/Biden or the Gingrich hair issues.

MOTD: BUT WHY!!!! Nobody will tell me WHY!!!

Ash said...

I can't tell you why not Hillary, because I will be voting her into office.

Seriously, take a look at her views, and then decide(but I bet you will be voting the same as me)

Jay said...

The tall redhead with Dennis Kucinich is his wife, Elizabeth. She was born in London, is 6'1", and has a stud in her tongue. I'm in love. Oh yeah, she's also 31 years YOUNGER than DK.

Anyway, I'm probably voting for Hillary. You're right nobody can tell what's so bad about her. That's because they don't know. They just know that they're supposed to be afraid of her. Cause the elite Washington media says they should.

The elite Washington media also says there is this "anybody but Hillary" vote out there. But, the polls show the opposite.

I think it will be Hillary and Bill Richardson running together.

I don't care who the Republican nominee will be.

ZigZagMan said...

I dunno........war and fear mongering aside.....biden is the only one on the list that even kinda gets me thinking maybe.

As for's pretty simple, I wouldn't vote for her because 8 years was enough for to be president before. She had her run.....nothing positive happened as a result

Now give me a real chance to vote Rudy J........Thats where I'd toss my vote! :)

The Mistress of the Dark said...

My reason for why not Hillary...we didn't leave her hubby alone when he was in office..and though he did a hell of a lot better then W...why would we even notice her presidency..we'd be too busy trying to impeach the first man...

Funny we haven't tried impeaching W.

There's not a soul running that I want to vote for.

crse said...

Ash-Unless someone points out the glaring difference, I think you are right!
Jay- Yeah, she was pretty damn...noticeable. Yowza I hope its Hill and Bill because he is so damn sweet and huggable!
Zig-Ok see I understand why you dont want Hillary because of your opinion of the clinton administration. This point of view I understand. Dont like Bill, thought she was too pushy, you arent voting hillary! Makes sense! I do admit I enjoy being able to use the phrase "freakin' juiliani" (sp) much more frequently since he emerged into the presidential hopefuls! (remember when he was on SNL? Did that skit?)
MOTD: Again, I understand what you are saying. This is not an issue for me.

Thanks for playing guys, and Keep the reasons coming folks!

ZigZagMan said...

Actually I do like Bill....not saying I thought much of his administration, or him as a president.....but actually like the guy.

I sill say Condi should run, I'd vote for her in a heartbeat.

Was a time I'd have voted for Colin at one point also......but he let me down recently...and that kinda irked me.

I'm leaning more of the mind you should all just vote for me as a write in...we'll call it the Zig party.

Mert said...

I'm not big on discussing politics... not because some say it's not polite conversation either. It's because I don't know what the hell I'm talking about.

I have basic views, but I'm a little retarded when it comes to politics and history, probably because I don't find it terribly interesting, LOL!

BUT! I love that you are so opinionated and you know exactly what you want in a candidate. :D And the John Edwards thing cracked me up!

I have to say that though I really prefer not to declare a party if I don't have to (because I have mixed feelings on what some of either party has to say), I lean mostly to the Republican side. I did vote for Clinton though... see what I'm sayin'?

Anyway, anything is better than what we've got currently. This song says it all for me.

crse said...

Zig- I think presidential candidacy is the next logical step for the crown prince of dork!
Mert- You are awesome! And more restrained than me! Despite the fact that I have no idea what the hell Im talking about either, I dont shut up. And how much do I love that you linked to a linkin park song?

Mert said...

You woldn't think it, but I'm a serious Linkin Park fan! :D My hubs has really introduced me to a lot of music over the years..

I eventually got him listening to a little rap.