Saturday, June 23, 2007

sixty four (part three)

It takes a long time to find sixty four things Ive never told you folks about:

33. I picked a fight with my psychiatrist this week. I won. Hint: If you ever want your medication upped and your psychiatrist won’t do it? Pick a fight.
34. I also got dissed by the clowns who will be running next week's clown camp. I think they were jealous.
35. The best sentence I heard this week was: “Maybe German clowns don’t wear underwear.”
36. I. LOVE. MY. DOG.
37. I don’t think I like the woman who sets appointments at my new doctor’s office. She seems a little mean.
38. I am joining a kickball team in the fall and I am BEYOND excited about it.
39. For the first time in my entire life I said the phrase “When I clean tonight, it will make me feel better.” I’m cleaning to make myself feel better now. And still, I continue to make my bed.
40. Gret and I solved an impossible problem tonight using our own brawn and brains. I felt extremely empowered after this happened.
41. The concept of the “forever” stamp boggles my mind.
42. Despite the clown dissing, I still managed to wangle my way into clown camp every single day next week. I will woo the clowns back. Im sure of it.
43. I found the most alarming insect-ish like creature in my bathtub last night. No make that this morning at 3am. I almost shit myself. (Fortunately I was on the toilet) It had an inordinate number of legs, but less than a hundred. I just saw another one in my garage a few minutes ago. I am kind of freaking out.
44. After finding this alarming creature, I could not go back to sleep and have the creepy crawlies even still.
45. Psychological breakthroughs are very draining sometimes.
46. I love Perry Mason but I hate every single minute the jackass who played Laura’s husband on Little House On The Prairie is on screen. I have no idea why he is a romantic lead. He is gross and sexist and stupid.
47. I think Im going to buy a pool and surprise Gill. (It needs to be a surprise since he does not know how much he wants a pool yet) Im sure he is going to be very happy.
48. I like pie.


Anonymous said...

LOVE #33!

gill_smoke said...

I ain't taking care of no pool.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

35 and 46. Weeeee. Myself I think I'm having a hormonal psychological breakdown that only pancakes can cure.

Bunny said...

#33 - I LOVE fighting with my doc. And winning.

#47 - they never know how much they want it till they have it.

#48 - me too. Rhubarb, apple, pumpkin, lemon meringue . . . Getting excited just thinking about it. I don't need porn, just bring on the pie!

Jay said...

Kickball? Yes! I have great memories of playing kickball in P.E. class in junior high.

Pies is great.

Mert said...

I heard about a kickball team here too, my hubs was trying to talk me into it. I said I'd play if it we husbands against wives, I'd love to hit him with a big red ball. The noise those things make when it hits something... its the best!

The creepy crawleys? My cat eats them, Its the only thing she is good for beside crapping on the floor.

Want to borrow my kitteh?

I like pie too!:D

ZigZagMan said...

3 words...............clowns are evil...............:)

ZigZagMan said...

last time I argued with my therapist...he insisted I take this odd test........I was 8....I neversaw him again........:)

RockDog said...

That's a lot to digest...but I am so onboard with the Kickball thing! That is AWESOME!!! !! !

PS...I like pies also...Pizza Pies, chocolate pies, custard pies, and others...

luckybuzz said...

Re #43: Was it a house centipede? (Ick warning on that link--they're the 2nd and 3rd pictures. They're harmless, though.) The first time I saw one I almost had a freaking heart attack. Eeeeee. Bugs suck.

gretty said...

I just spent 40 minutes on the 'What's that bug?" site.
I like pie too. Especially your pie.

crse said...

Lina: : I spent my next therapy session discussing the encounter with my therapist! She reframed it as a step towards assertiveness!
Gill: You said that about the lawn. And the dog. And wait? Didnt you say that about the boys before we had Norm? I can only infer from your double negative that you secretly do want this pool. No worries baby. I understand your secret wish. Your denials mean nothing to me now.
MOTD: I dont know why Little House keeps coming up for me but it does!
Bunny: THANK YOU VERY MUCH. He loves the boys and the dog you know. And I think he even loves the lawn. Are you listening Gill? Your welcome.
Jay: We use that great big red kickball and everything. Im pee your pants excited!
Mert: After I read this I spent the whole day arguing with myself about why I cannot get a cat....
Zig: Remember, they are more afraid of you than you are of them....(both clowns and therapists!)
Rockdog: The show sounded like it was AWESOME. I havent been able to listen yet but I will definitely promote it next week. And no worries. Kickball stories will be plentiful and abound.
Luckybuzz: It WAS a house centipede! Id recognize that freaky shit anywhere! Thanks so much baby! Im completely relieved...
Gretty: Aw you sweet talking fool. I think someone is going to get a rhubarb pie for her birthday now! As far as the Whats that bug site? Im bracing myself now for Norm's onslaught of bug identification skills courtesy of his Aunt Gret.