Monday, June 18, 2007

sixty four (part two)

Ok folks, here are the next sixteen. Did I ever tell you folks that I have the most kind and indulgent readers on the planet here at my blog? You guys rule for humoring me like this!

17. I knew how to read by the age of two. I read like a fiend until after college. Now i dont have time but I still love a good book.
18. When I was thirteen, my mother put me on diet pills. As a result, I became super moody, lost all my friends, and never slept (which in turn led me to know by heart almost every song from the spring and summer of 1984).
19. Im so clumsy and chaotic that my friends used to say my native american name was "One who grapples with her physical surroundings".
20. When something goes wrong in the car, I try very hard to ignore it and hope it gets better. This includes but is not limited to turning the radio up loudly so I dont hear bad noises. You'd be surprised how often the car does seem to heal itself.
21. I don’t really care for corn flakes. I don’t like how they get soggy. Thus, I don’t like frosted flakes either since the milk washes the frosting off and you really just end up with soggy cornflakes at the end.
22. I’m a HORRIFIC trash talker when I play games. Norm will not play board games with Gill and me together because of the last time we played chutes and ladders….I can say no more.
23. The only make-up I wear consistently is eye liner. I feel naked without it.
24. For some reason, buying tissues for my home always seemed like a complete extravagance. About two years ago, I actually priced them and realized that I could probably afford to spend the twelve bucks a year and bring the luxury home to my family.
25. I never wanted a horse. Even as a little girl, I was not that interested in horses.
26. I was voted employee of the month two years into my first job. I was such a slacker that they changed the policy after this happened because management wanted to communicate that “employee of the month shouldn’t be a popularity contest”.
27. I was robbed at gunpoint at my second job. (it was a convenience store) I didn’t think it bothered me but had nightmares for years afterwards.
28. I keep noticing these lines underneath my eyes. I keep meaning to figure out what they are but then I forget about them as soon as Im not looking in the mirror anymore. They aren’t quite wrinkles. I actually don’t know what the hell they are.
29. The Turnip’s middle name is Aloysius.
30. Despite the fact that my bedroom is completely dark and our large dresser is in front of the only window, I actually prefer to have doors and windows open in the summer. Central air makes me feel Howard Hughes-ish and not in a good way.
31. I am terrified of becoming one of those middle aged women who have heinous hair and make up but somehow still think they are stylish. If Im going to be hideous looking, I don’t want to put any effort into creating some horrific caricature of myself through hair styling and make up.
32. I am going to take a shower right now.


Crawlspace said...

Just as a side note, as I am a purist, I am waiting for all 64 before I read these. Though I accidentally read that you are going to take a shower. Hmm... Suspicious.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

I can't leave the house without lipstick....evah

Ash said...

I hate cornflakes as well, but give me some frosted flakes and some raisins and I'm in heaven. Same thing with Puffed rice and sugar.

I am, of course, a very sick individual.

I fully blame my mother for that.


Canada said...

Eyeliner is a must, otherwise I look asleep. And that's what makeup I wear (also some form of lip stuff to make my lips look bigger, but I digress).
The lines around my eyes - I'm just trying to ignore them. And wear eye cream at night in desperation. Number 31? I'm truly afraid that I'm already there. I hope my children are too ytoung to be mortified at this point!!! And Corwin's middle name is Staveley. :)
I'm sorry I've sucked at blogging. I'll get better, I promise I will.

Jay said...

Corn Flakes require a big load of sugar with them to be edible. Thus ruining the reason for eating corn flakes to begin with. I don't like them either.

I too am a trash talker when playing games. Not as much as I used to be though. I try to keep it to myself as much as possible. Unless I beat my sister, the one with the master's in English, at scrabble. When that I happens I can't control myself. LOL

Lisa said...

hahahah You slay me. As I said, I LOVE your fearless examination of all that is CRSE. :) You inspire me to be a more fearless blogger.

Waiting on the next 16!

crse said...

Crawlspace: I willed you to read that. Because I wanted to defile your purity. See above blog rating.
MOTD: I never could understand the lipstick thing!
Ash: I LOVE puffed rice and sugar!!! I blame your mother too.
Canada: Its ok, i will blog stalk you faithfully. I promise.
Jay: Its ALWAYS bad with my brothers. We made my sister in law cry over a game of monopoly when she first came into the family. Now she is as bad as the rest of us!
Lisa: AW!!! It makes me happy that i can give you that because your blog gives me SO MUCH

MaggieMay said...

These are awesome. Unlike crawlspace, I'll take em as they come.

crse said...

Maggie May: Welcome! Im so glad you came by!