Monday, June 18, 2007

Im a crappy daughter

There were a lot of good Dad (and anti dad) posts in my blogs this weekend and I have the rockinest dad ever and i should have posted good things about him. He is kind of hard to explain on paper though! Think retired truck driver who works at a golf course. He is crusty but a total cream puff for his kids. (particularly his only daughter) I need to make a list about my dad. Ill get to that right after I finish my sixty four. In my defense, we did have him over for dinner and actually watched the last hour of the US open with him. (yes the only time i watch sports is with my dad. See? Im not such an awful daughter!) I did however re-read his card after he opened it and was mortified because it was a lot lamer than i remembered when i bought it. He disagreed and told me it was very sweet and gave me a big hug. See? Awesome dad!
Ok just wanted to make sure everyone knows my dad totally rocks.


luckybuzz said...

Your dad DOES totally rock. Wish him a belated father's day from me too! :)

Jay said...

Well happy father's day to you dad then!