Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thirteen random things Im willing to share today:

1. I have to break up with my doctor. Im very sad about this. We've been together for almost 8 years. And truly, its not her, its me. (well and her staff...mean bitter old ladies) You see, I've turned our relationship into a web of lies. I could say more but it would be degrading for both of us. Suffice it to say that I dont think we can ever go back to how it was. Plus she is 40 minutes away which sucks when I have to drag my sorry sick ass in.

2. Week two of ten year old contact lens is not going well. Im starting to get freaked out. Ive changed solutions and followed gret's and Madame Fabu's advice to the letter but it still takes me a half an hour to get the contacts in and I still feel the white hot holy hell pain when I finally get them in.My eyes are in a constant state of feeling pickled. I did make an eye appointment for tomorrow......!

3. Im reading a Norman Mailer book. Im a little ashamed about this. In my defense it's the new one about Adolf Hitler and gill bought it for me as a surprise. It has become a full blown guilty pleasure.

4. Do you know that I LOVE summer? I mean LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. The hotter the better. The heat that makes people sick? Is my favorite thing in the whole freaking world. Today was 93. I was in heaven.

5. I love my father dearly. Without question or condition. He is taking Norm for a haircut tomorrow and i fear that a buzz cut is inevitable. I love my father dearly. Without question or condition.

6. Tomorrow is landscaping decision day for the panflutemaster house. There very well could be a throw down. Ill keep you posted.

7. Do you know that Im prettier than the queen of trash? Its true. Norm said so.

8. Debra Messing is in a mini-series called "starter wife". The previews for this show make me want to slit my throat.

9. Did you ever have a conversation with a person that was so bizarre you were positive he was having (or just had) a stroke? Whats hard about such a conversation is when the "stroke" person's wife is sitting there acting like everything is making sense. A lot of my job is like that.

10. This whole trans fat thing is a scam isnt it? Its kind of like saying "buy our chips! They are completely arsenic free!"

11. Will I ever mature to the point that I wont snicker when someone mentions the planet "uranus"?

12. Although I completely support non-gender role based play activities, it is not socially acceptable for a sixth grade boy to crochet in school. I wish it were. But it is not. That is all I can say for now.

13. In case you ever wondered about the spelling and grammar errors? Im not a complete idiot. I just dont edit my posts until well after you've noticed my mistakes.

Ok folks its a no frills thursday thirteen! Thanks for playing...


The Mistress of the Dark said...

I usually can stand the heat, but right now I have a tooth issue that's making everything more insane.

Wisdom teeth = evil

BTW how does it feel to be prettier than the Queen of Trash?

Bunny said...

Uranus - tee hee!

erthy said...

uhm... i missed the landscaping trip didn't i? appalachain flea market heaven? today? before 3pm?

I am heading north for the weekend, but could help out next week sometime (?)

And about the dr. So sorry, you could have mine, she is great but she's in my little neck of the woods.

RockDog said...

I alos love, love, love summer, but my guilty pleasure is Neil Diamond music.

Have a kick ass weekend!

Mert said...

1. Why is it so hard to break up with our doctors... and wht is it I feel guilty and like I'm cheating on him when I go see a different one?

4. Hot weather makes me want to barf for some reason. And I get cold easily. My hubs says that I have a 4 degree comfort zone.

7. I cut myself some bangs out of my grown out hair 2 nights ago... Anna says I look 6 years younger. I must teach her how to round up.;)

10. We are so on the same wave length... I was just thinking that the other day. Trans fat my ass, I think it's something they made up.

11. Amen sister. You already know I am an idiot about bodily functions, and I take any opportunity to say Uranus. BTW, did you here recently that they found more rings around your- err, I mean Uranus? My husband sent me this, I about spit my breakfast burrito all over my compy. Not pretty , but it was so worth it. AND i hate it when people pronounce it Ur-in-ess. It's such a lack of conviction on their part. Have some balls, say it! Ur-AAAAA-nus!

12. That's so wrong on so many levels, i don't where to begin. Though, I have known grown men who really enjoy embroidery... but they were grown men. In the Navy, but men none the less. LOL!

13. I'm a mess when it comes to grammar, and i am a little dyslexic so i tend to spell the same words wrong every time... thus the constant editing of my posts. UGH. Not time well spent.

Stinkbait Boucher said...

Prettier than the queen of trash is decidedly better than trashier than the queen of everything else.

Good idea for "Snickering Science Fiction Theater" - "Attack of the Suppository People From Uranus!"

ZigZagMan said...

*snickers* Uranus.....*snort*...I heard it was getting hotter on Uranus...*snicker*......I digress...

Just remember my excuse buddy.......I don't typo...I type with an accent..:)

winterskibunny said...

The command for leave the furniture or thing for dogs is "off' (as one of them)

I have a dog named Jack. I crack up every time I say "".

I use a different command for other clients that have dogs named Jack because of this.

Jenny Ryan said...

Do you know that I LOVE summer? I mean LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT.

Me. TOO!!

Pippajo said...

First the clowns and now the summer? How can we have so many incompatible loves?

Good thing we have so many more compatible ones.

Who is this Queen of Trash you speak of? Pamela Anderson?

Stealing that for a banner soon...