Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sixty Four

My good friend Crawlspace (whose bloggy insanity keeps me youthful and refreshed) laid a smack down challenge by tagging me back 8 times for 8 random facts. Granted, crawlspace is quite easily distracted (not to mention his 8 random facts were a narrative of smashing a bug in his living room) so Im certain Id never be held to this challenge, but how the hell can I pass up the opportunity to share sixty four delightful tidbits of ME??? Oh I couldnt do that to you dear readers. I will present 3 sets of 16 however, to maintain your attention and focus throughout the facts. (you never know when I might pirate the idea of the lovely and creative Ms. Trix and throw a pop quiz at you!) The rules are I am not tagging anyone for this. I understand that not many of you are this delighted with yourself to this degree of self-absorption. Ok enough preamble. Lets move on to ME!

1. I seldom if ever use phonebooks.
2. My handwriting is atrocious. It is small and illegible. If I write bigger, my scrawl starts to resemble the the type of print you see in psychotic abduction notes. I type whenever I can.
3. I made my bed five days in a row this week. That is more consistent bedmaking than Ive done in my entire life.
4. My insecurity about leaving my children to have "grown up time" is growing unmanageable. Im finally realizing that.
5. Ive recently developed an unhealthy affinity for cream filled donuts. I never cared for donuts until recently. Why it couldnt be bran flakes or vegetables i don't know.
6. I think I have an ear infection. I am afraid to seek treatment because of the breaking up with my doctor issue.
7. I only get my hair cut about three times a year. Unfortunately its obvious.
8. I've purchased three shovels within the past week. Ive also purchased lime and dried blood. Im trying to decide whether the creepy part of gardening is exciting me more than it should be.
9. Deliberately misspelled to be unusual names piss me off. Not variations but deliberate misspellings make me psychotically angry.
10. I cannot drink directly out of glasses in restaurants. There must be a straw is involved.
11. Along the same lines, I could give you more details on this but I will summarize by saying I am NOT fun to wait on in a restaurant because of my "high needs" but Im pleasant and a good tipper.
12. Im realizing that I sound a lot like this guy:

13. I recently psychosomatically created the symptoms of what I thought end stage diabetes would be in terms of my extremities. As soon as I learned my idea of the symptomology was not accurate the symptoms disappeared.
14. Along the same lines, even though I have a difficulty time with disfigurement, as soon as I find out a missing limb is related to diabetes, the particular limb (or lack thereof) becomes an exception to my limb (or lack thereof) aversion problem.
15. During foreign movies, Gill and I read the subtitles out loud in goofy accents at home. We do not have the attention span to do this throughout the movie nor the guts to do it at the theater.
16. I talk incessantly throughout movies. Imagine MST3k . (but probably not as funny except in my own mind).


luckybuzz said...

"I understand that not many of you are this delighted with yourself to this degree of self-absorption..."

Uh, yeah, it's been awhile, but I was an enthusiastic participant in this.

And these lists? Just make me keep lovin' you more. Bring on the rest!

Jay said...

That was all pretty interesting. I don't give running commentary to movies but I do during most television shows. I'm probably not as funny as I think I am either.

I'm very easy to wait on. In fact, the the waitperson would just take my order, bring my food and then leave me the hell alone until I waive at him/her for something then I'd enjoy eating out more.

BTW, I think you tagged me on the 8 things the other day. I'll post them for Monday.

ZigZagMan said...

straws only??? your just creepy buddy!!!! :) How the hell do you drink a beer at the resturaunt??? :)

The Mistress of the Dark said...


Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends is one of my favorite toons!

Mrs.ZigZagMan said...

I was going to comment on your "end stage diabetes" but I decided I better not. Fosters is a great toon. I always wanted to be Blu but dont have the guts. You ned to get creative about "adult time". Oh and i cant wait to read more about you....

Bunny said...

#2, #7, #9 - ditto!
#8 - don't forget the bone meal!

crse said...

LB- I LOVE that list. It was one of the first things I read when i came to your blog. It cheers me up and makes me feel closer to you!
Jay- I do it during shows too. I dont have good waving courage so I like it when they hover a little. Or at least are on it with the drink refills. Great job on the me-me!
Zig- With a straw of course!
MOTD- We just got the first season on dvd the other day. Im pumped.
Mrs. Zig- you are scaring me. I need to go see the dr i know. I swear im calling today. Ive been compared to blu by my husband. I take it as a compliment. As far as "that" kind of "adult time" we are doing ok. We do the sneaking around avoiding the children like high school kids avoiding parental supervison. Its kind of fun! If you can figure out how to get me out for a girl's night without being miserable for making them sad, let me know though! You are so kind for humoring me.
Bunny- What is the significance of bone meal? Its all new to me.

Pippajo said...

Two things:

You can buy dried blood? Is it like in a powder? What manner of blood is it? Bovine? Human? Canine? Chicken? I would think it would matter.

Also, I used to LOVE MST3k! I can only aspire to be like so super-cool guys! I also like to talk through movies but The Viking won't let me do it at the theater. So I let him have it when we watch them at home!

Mert said...

I <3 more and more!

So if I started signing my blog posts as would cut me out of our "blog will" so to speak? ;)

Not that I would ever do that, but one likes to be sure about these things. :D