Sunday, October 14, 2007

A dream and some random crap

So if you add up all the time Ive spent in classrooms in my life, I believe that my first four years and a few gappy years in my twenties were my only non-school years. So at the very least, Ive spent about 30 years in classroom settings. Having said that, I find it extremely odd that when I dream about classrooms involving my current job, the setting is always a very specific classroom that Ive never actually seen in life. Ive dreamt about this classroom four or five times and its always the same damn classroom. Last night, the dream involved me creating a situation where I needed to walk about fifteen miles from the classroom to my office. At the end of the dream, after I made friends with a kindly bus driver who cut several miles off the walk by letting me ride with her elementary school kids, I realized I could have driven the whole time. Im sure its symbolic somehow. I just don't know how.

* We have a new bank. I like the fact that it appears to be user friendly. However, it is uglier than the old bank. Im finding the ugliness outweighs a lot of the joy im getting out of the new found efficiency.

* I think I really like Bill Richardson. It makes me sad that he totally has no chance of winning.

* In a related note, just because Al Gore won the Nobel Prize does not mean he has a chance if he ran for president. Interestingly, I read a great article in Vanity Fair talking about how the Clinton Gore relationship failed in 2000 because of Hilary's run for senate. Sources say that had Bill been more supportive of Al, he would have won the election hands down (oh wait, he did...). Still, the moment is gone.

* We watched Fast Food Nation yesterday. I wish I could tell you folks that I was disgusted and would never eat fast food again. It was kind of gross, but its not like I thought I was eating corn fed Angus that had spent many happy years wandering the pastures and died a sweet peaceful death with its calves surrounding it. I am still buying happy chicken eggs and I havent actually bought beef for our home in quite some time. Thats a lie. I just bought frozen hamburgers from sam's club. Damn. Its so easy to forget. Ive got to become a better person.


Jay said...

I have a very long rant about how pissed off it makes me when people claim that it's Bill Clinton's fault that Al Gore ran the worst campaign in the history of the world in 2000. It's Al's fault. 100% Al's fault.

But, I won't go into that. LOL

Bill Richardson will withdraw from the Presidential race and run for the Senate in N.M. You heard it here first.

What? That wasn't the first you heard of that? Hmmm .... I sure thought I was the first to think of that. ;-)

I haven't been able to bring myself to watch Fast Food Nation. Maybe I will someday. Maybe.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

If Al Gore were to jump in the race right now, I would vote for him in a heartbeat.

That is all...

Bunny said...

I'd vote for Al (again), but it won't happen. I read that VF article too . . . VF is one of my guilty little pleasures. Not good for me, but oh so yummy.

Mert said...

I love that you fully admit to yelling shut yer damn pie hole, it makes me heart you so much more.

I still choose to live in meat oblivion. I choose not to think about the meat's former life, and what it ate while sunning itself in green pastures.

Damn. Too late.

Stinkbait Boucher said...

I've come to grips with my meat lust through weak, yet appropriately disturbing rationalization. I reckon the cows are going to be no more interested in the details of my grisly death than I in theirs. Suck it cows. You taste good to me.

Lucy said...

I'm with you on Fast Food Nation. I've refused for years to watch any kind "what really happens in the food factory shows" to maintain my denial.

Also, re: classroom time. I explained to Mira today that I made it through 18th grade and that I'm 16 grades ahead of her. It was a little scary when I put it in these terms, especially because I've been teaching for 12 years. Yikes.

crse said...

Jay- In the history of the world? Come on! What about John Kerry? At least I can remember Gore's name. I kept calling Kerry Kemp which just goes to show you I was voting for "not george w bush". Seriously, dont you think despite it being a bad campaign Clinton could have scored him the win? Because just like I voted for "not W" i would have voted for "kinda like clinton"! Im just saying is all....Seriously about fast food nation, go for it. I watched the whole thing and was already craving mcdonald's today!

MOTD- Well ok then!

Bunny- In my perfect world Im going to have all the back issues of vanity fair and weeks of luxury just to read them.

Mert- I heart you too baby!!!

Sir Stinkbait- Exactly. I thought I was sociopathic in my apathy to this movie. ALthough I have to admit you arent exactly the poster child to convince me otherwise, I do feel strangely in good company.

Lucy- We are cogs in the wheel my friend. Cogs in the wheel. Besides I think you create enough positivity that it should cancel out the factory food karma. Poor Mira! I have to admit that 18th grade is scary even to me. You can tell her if its any comfort Ive been to both 5th grade and 18th grade and fifth is much scarier!