Tuesday, October 30, 2007

its not the wii i swear

I have been lost in my own confusion. Yet I have so much to tell you all. Ive been doing more analysis of sesame street, so i have that to share. Also, I wanted to toss out some neighborhood etiquette questions. Halloween stories and yes, we went back to church! (and I even joined Lucy's membership/hospitality committee!) (have I mentioned how dropping the phrase "going to church" into my conversation continues to tickle the hell out of me). Are you intrigued? Titillated? Anyway, I promise Ive got a date with myself tomorrow night to sit down with a bowl of Turnip's candy and settle in to catch up on my blogs. Ive missed you folks. And I swear the lapse is temporary.


Canada said...

It's the wii, we know it is!! :)

Bunny said...

Uh huh. Sure.

Sassy Lucy said...

I say the wii may have something to do with it...seems I got an Xbox 360 last year that way...and now it is gone, doesn't work and we have to wait for it to be returned to us.
Back to church, heh? We are working on that too.

gretty said...

I'm assuming 'church' is the code word for wii.

Jenny Ryan said...

I am intrigued!

Unfortunately, there's been too much insomnia around here for titillation :P

Crawlspace said...

Church? Hmm... Suspicious.

RockDog said...

Wii understand and Wii will be there for you when you return.

Jay said...

I'm glad you checked in with us. I was starting to worry.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Happy Halloween!

Mert said...

I miss ya! I need to go back to church... the real me is coming out in my blog lately... must suqah real me by going to church. (BTW, real me means sneaking in a curse word and referring to "junk" as in "I punched him in the junk")

Good for you for going... how do you feel?

Mert said...

I have no idea what suqah means... i think I meant to type SQUASH*snort*

Lina said...

I have to go to church in a few weeks (11/11).... it is indeed amusing to say "I'm going to the church service" or whatever!

Stinkbait Boucher said...

"Have you been smoking crack or something? Why are you so spastic?"

"No, we were playing WII!"

"What the fuck is WII? Is that what you kids are calling sex now? Are you pregnant? Are you hinting that I need to raise yet another child now?"

"NO!! It's a video game. Oh my god!"

"So you're not pregnant?"

"NO!! God, Dad, I'm thirteen!!!"

"Okay. So what's this WII shit?"

"Just leave me alone. I'm not talking to you anymore."

"Because you're pregnant, right? Dammit. I knew I couldn't trust that boy..."

"No! Just shut up, okay? Leave me alone!!!"

"I thought you weren't talking to me."

Weeee!!! er, I mean, WIIII!!!

Ash said...

come on buddy, hop on the nablopomo bandwagon!

crse said...

Canada, Bunny, Sassy Lucy, Gretty- I swear! We cant open it yet.

Jenny Ryan- I have to catch up on you on mozilla. Im looking forward to it but sorry you cant sleep.

Jesse- Oh yes. And you should be. Ill share in my email reply. Ive got a lot to say friend.


Jay- thats so sweet! I like being worried about!

MOTD- you too belated

Mert- did you actually punch someone in the junk? Ill be on mozilla to hear this. Awesome.

Lina- My wiccan friend Feather goes with me sometimes. We have a FIELD DAY with it!

SB- you are the family Dr. Spock, just so you know. Keep up the good work.