Thursday, November 01, 2007

Its November BABY

My month people. Well not traditionally but damn it, sucktober is finally over. (Im sure i stole that word but it feels good and right). And friends, Im back with a vengeance. In an unprecedented melding of my two worlds (ok maybe there is a precedent for melding, but it sounds dramatic) Im going to join the ranks of my favorite blog general and rising blog star Ash and join NaBloPoMo! I solemnly pledge to post every day in November. Furthermore in order to satisfy the insane demands of my partner in procrastination Gill, I am also (while not joining nanowrimo as he ordered me to do) committing to trying to write five hundred words a day. People the blog world is ready for this. Im not sure how Im going to do it and it may come down to me posting the contents of my refrigerator or randomly turning on the tv and writing down whatever comes out of it, but damm it Im going to do it.

In case you are wondering that last sentence marked 173. Anyway I really do have a lot to share. I think. Lets see...what was I going to tell you folks...

Well sesame street is on right now so Ive got some stuff to throw out there. First, have you noticed that there is very little cross-over between the muppets in the skits and the muppets that actually inhabit sesame street. Elmo seems to be the one exception. And sometimes bigbird. (muppets on elmo's world are the exception as it seems to be the nether world between the street and the skits). Why is this? Like you never see Ernie and Bert running into Maria or Gordon. And the poor cookie monster (my true soul mate because of course, c is not just for cookie its for crse too!) is like a damn pariah. (Did anyone ever see the daily show expose about the cookie monster? its pee your pants funny) Ok so there is that.

Plus, drop the bricks casey (I have no idea what that means except my grandmother says it when something is obvious) i just finally realized that there is a direct correlation between what happens on the street and what happens in the skits. Man thats brilliant. But being 37 years old and on about my fourth incarnation of sesame street viewing before I caught that is probably not. Brilliant. (407! rock on crse!)

Finally, Ive noticed the adults can kind of be jerks. I never picked up on this before. Now Gina? The vet? She is still fresh. But we are currently watching an episode "on demand" (i heart on demand) where Bob not only ostracizes the elephant from the word game they are playing, (fluffy, s/he lives with oscar) but he is a bitch when Fluffy actually does understand the rules and follows them (and lets be honest, if I was an elephant, and some guy like bob was a dick in front of my trashcan and I had to fight to play the game, and I had a huge elephant trunk, Id be sore ass tempted to spray water all over him when he wanted a W word. Take that you ignorant motherfucker). (537!!!!)

Ok I hit the goal for today so you will have to wait til tomorrow to hear about how Maria brings my mother issues to the surface.
Post script to be deleted soon Im backdating this to win prizes. Dont tell anyone.


Bunny said...

Prizes? There are prizes?

I am also committed to blogging every day in November. I may regret it. I do that easily without a commitment, but now that I PROMISED to do it, it'll be a pain in the ass!

RockDog said...

I think that the world of Sesame Street changed forever upon the death of Mr. Hooper. He was the glue that held the street together. He was the original Puff Daddy. The street revolved around his decisions. Bob wouldn't have pulled that shit back in the "Hooper Days" as we gleefully like to call them.

I can't do writing on demand. It gets forced and ugly. But good luck as I know you can do it! Wait...not that I think you are forced or ugly...damn it, you know what I mean! I have faith in your ability...there! LOL!

Pippajo said...

You know, all your insights concerning Sesame Street have reminded me of why I never liked it. Not that I was ever clued-in enough to be able to identify, let alone verbalize the reasons, but I feel on some level all that stuff you mentioned has always bothered me. Yes, even as an 8-year-old.

Nah, it probably has more to do with my intense dislike of puppets and humans who talk to them as if it were the most normal thing in the world.

Jenny Ryan said...

Go crse! I love that we are getting 500 words of crse everyday this month!

And I'm totally with you on the whole "if I were an elephant" thing.

Jay said...

I considered doing the blog every day thing, but I decided it was just too much pressure for me to handle. Besides, there isn't that much going on in my life. I would have had to resort to posting about sports and then have everyone tell me how much they hate sports in comments.

Sesame Street clearly isn't the same place it once was. Sounds like the neighborhood has gone downhill a bit and it's closer to a ghetto now. Very sad.

Aunt Jackie said...

I've done pretty well at blogging nearly every day. It depends on what's going on, but so far so good. Ohh the ole Sesame Street days. (sigh)

Adults everywhere can be "kind of jerks"... not just around that neighborhood.

Will peek in more to see how you're doing!! :) AJ

Aunt Jackie said...

I decided to do it too... Are we supposed to put up one of those banners?? Cool... :)


luckybuzz said...

How I've missed you. I'm glad you're back! :)

crse said...

Bunny- Yes I hear there are! Ive got some strategies, including stockpiling blog entries. Oh yes, I am ready to cheat.

Rockdog- Will any of us ever be the same after that tough old bastard dropped his shit? I think not. Thanks for the vote of confidence buddy! (and yes I WILL take all that as a compliment. Im delightfully egotistical and self delusional like that!)

Pippa- have i ever told you I joined your ranks with the clowns? I think the story of why will come out this month.

Jenny Ryan- I knew you'd go there with me baby!

Jay- But I always compliment the pretty girls you offer us! Yeah buddy SS has gone down hill. But it does seem more like suburban blight attitude to me!

Aunt Jackie- It's sad but true. jerks ARE everywhere. In fact, I was just telling my husband what a jerk he is only a few minutes ago. I am committed to not making my children into jerklets though...

Luckybuzz- BABY!!! I miss you too!!! i called you a while ago. I was afraid to call again because it felt too stalky. Not that you've been like a sister to me for almost twenty years or anything....

Ash said...

LOL Crse! I'm not posting every day, only week days. the no internet at home thing sucks royally, so I'm totally half assing nablopomo. Oh well, just have to deal. I'm so increday jealous you got to see trans orchestra. I've been dying to go see them in concert.