Tuesday, October 16, 2007

oh there's a tuesday twelve a comin'

But it aint here yet. Instead? You guessed it. Stars devoid of theme.

* My right palm has been getting very itchy for the past three nights when I go to bed. Like flesh tearingly itchy. But without any rash. Gill thinks Im coming into some money. I think Gill is insane and that I am having some allergic reaction to something by my bed.

* Have you ever been in a situation where you need to make someone who doesnt like you or believe in what you do cooperate with you? Well, thats basically my job. I dont mind it but Im realizing more and more that when my efforts result in making said person like me, I become kind of depressed and slightly horrified. Its like accidentally being too friendly to the creepiest kid in school and finding that they glommed on to you. Except instead of subtly but firmly brushing the person off, you have to keep being friendly. And at the end of the day, after they've looked down your shirt (with your consent) a few times, you just feel kind of....gross.

*Tomorrow is the last game of the kickball season. We did not make play offs. But we found out that we are not at the bottom. We are actually in a three way tie for last place. If we win tomorrow that jumps us up the board like crazy (but we still will not make play offs)

* Have I mentioned lately how much I love Dexter (not the laboratory but the serial killer)? My only complaint is that his sister continues to over cuss. It sounds stupid. Im all about cussing but it has to flow. Her cussing doesnt flow. I dont blame the actress. Its written that way.

* Gret has helped me come to the realization that im possibly overmedicated right now. It would explain why when my shrink upped my adderall to 60mgs from 50 I completely fell apart organizationally. I see him on thursday. My therapist wants me to go medieval on his ass. I just might.

* Well that provided a perfect segue (yes for you Moe because it will NEVER get old!) into my therapeutic breakthrough this evening! (its a story so im not starring paragraphs) I was sharing some frustration with different areas in my life and relating my surprise at both my strong reactions to these frustrations and how right these strong reactions felt for me. We were discussing the difference between these reactions and those irrational "omg my meds clearly need adjusted" moments. I was sharing my fear that I may have evolved into a complete jerk and just dont care anymore. My therapist said one sentence and it was like the fog lifted. "You arent being heard".

Friends, I thought Id been struck by lightening but in a good way. It explained why i keep thinking that the world would be a better place if people just LISTENED to me. DAMN RIGHT IM NOT BEING HEARD!!! It was so obvious because I was so clearly not being heard in either of the areas Id identified to her and had actually mentioned this to people who cared enough to listen to me but I didnt link it to my strong frustration. I even began an email addressing some frustrations to my friend the other day and one of my first lines was "thank you so much for hearing me". Yet i still didnt realize any connection. My first reaction was "ok so why do i need to get heard so badly? what deficit is this in me?" and then she throws me ANOTHER curve ball! She says its NORMAL and NECESSARY to make yourself heard. Im not going to bog the blog down with lengthy explanations as to why this is novel to me but Ill tell you, Im kind of pumped up about it! We didnt get to the part where she told me how to manage it so we will all be waiting two more weeks to find out. I do see this as a new stage in Operation Kiss My Ass and Im excited!

Stay Tuned for Gretty's tuesday twelve. Twelve songs that make me feel happy!


luckybuzz said...

I hear you, sweetie. :)

(Also, Gill is right--an itchy palm totally means money is coming to you. Um, *and* maybe you're allergic.)

The Mistress of the Dark said...

I prefer the Dexter in the Laboratory :)

Jenny Ryan said...

So glad you have people who hear you :)

Mert said...

I hope they get you meds squared away :( I hear you too,and I <3 you!

winterskibunny said...

LOL, I hear you. My defining moment was when I realized, I didn't need people who REFUSED TO hear me.

Jay said...

"Its like accidentally being too friendly to the creepiest kid in school and finding that they glommed on to you."

Which is exactly what happened when you commented on my blog. LOL ;-)

winterskibunny said...

Oh, and I love Dexter. I have been relieved to find my netflix account allows me to at least watch the premiere, without resubscribing to showtime, which I almost never watch.

Jesse said...

Every sport I ever played, I was on the loosing team. This is why I hate sports.

crse said...

LB- thanks baby!

MOTD- have you tried my Dexter?

Jenny Ryan- Thank you so much baby!

Mert- PLEASE know Im keeping up on google reader. I heart you so way much!

WSB- HI!!! Good to see you friend! I know enough to be way impressed because the people who are not hearing me are way more distant so I know that point is pretty significant for you!

Jay- ummmm....are you trying to tell me im creepy? be honest. Is it the continual but possibly disconcerting boob comments about your football posts? Was my defensive reply to anonymous too intense? Is it that i am ruining my kids? Get it out buddy, Im all about personal growth here!

WSB- How can you not love it? Just like in the days of dirt i believe you may be my only co-fan buddy!

Jesse- Aww buddy! I like to think we won the most affirming to bad team-mates championship!

Lucy said...


I so agree with winterskibunny--you don't need people who continually refuse to hear you.

Be heard sista!