Thursday, October 25, 2007

A quickie (please don't feel cheap...unless you like it that way!)

Friends, I said I was never gonna be that mom. I would never buy into the holiday hype and go on a rampage for a cabbage patch/sleep and smack ernie/nintendo game box. I would be a reasonable parent who explained in advance that the toy could be there in January so there would be no disappointments. We would have wonderful children who were pleased with themselves not to be sucked into the blatant consumerism of christmas. HA. Then came...Baby Alive. "But Crse," you say. "I know you are into non-gendered stereotyping for the children but was Norm that desperate for a Baby Alive?" No friends, no he wasnt. But Princess Fabu, she was a different story. As I watched my very own Madame (and senor and mother fabu for that matter!) Fabu stalk three counties for a Baby Alive after the Princess decided late in the season that she would ask Santa for one, I saw the inevitable future. Looking at her sweet little princess face when she discussed how she was getting one with confidence was enough to convince me not only that I would beg borrow and steal to make sure that I was not responsible for crushing that look off my own child's face, but also that I would indeed get up with a raging hang-over and drive for three hours (estimated but damm it was a hang over) to loyally shop beside my friend to ensure that look remained on the princess's face as well. Why do i tell you this story? Well friends, because we bought a wii. Yes it is only October. I have been sick about making sure we get a wii since august. (Madame has been keeping me motivated with the "remember Baby Alive" mantra.) Yesterday, in one of our "mysteries of marriage" conversations, (where i think "wait? how come you dont know that gill? dont you read my brain at night?") I share my insecurity about this with gill. He responds with complete surprise. "Crse, you can walk in anywhere and buy a wii!". What? WHAT? WHAT??? I thought there was some sort of shortage where there were lotteries and such. Apparently not! So needless to say, I decided to say once again, screw the house payment, and now we have wii. And friends, it shouldn't make me feel better but it does. Dammit, it does. Ok I have way more but I want to get a shower before the turnip wakes up. (reminder, post about kindergarten breakthrough, collective work bitterness, and turnip issues!) ok friends, im sorely behind on blogs but i look forward to catching up!


searabbit said...

Lucky you with the wii... my son is still waiting for one since last Xmas... and I don't see the day I will put my hands on it... Those monsters disappear at a so fast pace I can't get ahead... ;-(

Bunny said...

Oh, I would love a Wii! We (ha ha ha) played it at Six Flags last month and I want the bowling game BAD. But those people from Protective Services would be taking away my kids if I had one. Neglect or some such nonsense.

Get the protective sleeve for the controller thingamabob. They go flying and break stuff or get broken themselves.

May I come over to your house and play?

Ash said...

I'm very jealous of your wii!

gretty said...

I will be at your house every day mastering all things wii related, so don't be alarmed when you come home and find me screaming happily at your tv.

luckybuzz said...

Congrats on the wii!

I don't get the Baby Alive thing...that doll was out when we were kids. Is it all popular again? I wasn't allowed to have mom was all, I am not cleaning fake poop off your doll. Made sense to me.

Jay said...

I don't have any video game type device thingy at all. Only because if I did I would be so stuck to the TV 24/7 playing football. I know me. It's hard enough to get me out of the house as it is!

Factor 10 said...


I am more than a little green eyed at the thought of the Wii. Are you going to save it for xmas, or did you and Gill slice open the tape and stay up all night?

I think I's be slicing it open.

Wii would like to play, too.

Factor 10 said...

um, while I'm all for a little ethnic flavah, that was supposed to be I'D, not I's.

Stinkbait Boucher said...

I choose not to judge you.

Many, many years ago I spent upwards of $100.00 for one of the first Furbies. It said things like "Ooo nay", "Uh oh" and watched you attentively when you only wanted to pee or pick at something.

Within two years Furbies were tagging along with Happy Meals and our little bubble just burst.

Now I have a tub full of the little fuckers - it stinks of gin and meth and the furbie eyes are all fixed and dilated.

You'll see.

ZigZagMan said...

but are you sure you got the "good" wii??? muahahahah...:)

Goofs aside, my kids are still forced to suffer with their lowly and humble PS2........

The Mistress of the Dark said...

My nephews have a wii! I understand them not :(

RockDog said...

Thats cool!

Everyone now has a Wii except me...Me must get a Wii!

A little Friday rhyme for ya...!

Have a good weekend!

Lucy said...


Mira wants the wii, but I'm trying to pretend not to hear her. I'm thinking--just give me two more years. BTW, does Norm want his Harry Potter Halloween costume, which I gleefully got for him? Go me. Is there a Harry Potter game for the wii?

adjunct whore said...

send me your address so i can send you a gift. you do not need to play or return!

Pippajo said...

WE GOT ONE TOO! And we got it last week! And it's for the kids for Christmas! And I'm so excited I can leave this comment because I can't blog about it cause what if Red Headed Snippet sees it?

With all due respect to your better half, I think he might be in denial about the wii shortage. The stores around here can hardly keep them on the shelves. The Viking began looking 3 weeks ago in hopes of avoiding having to pay $500 to buy one off of ebay. He only got ours by accosting the UPS man in front of the store he'd been casing.

So, I think you did the wise thing by buying it now.

Congratulations. I share your joy.

luckybuzz said...


I miss you. :)

crse said...

Searabbit- I knew it was not a myth!

Bunny- I heart the bowling game. Plus we are a little high strung here. COme on over baby!

Ash- you can come too

Gret- Norm is already prepping for this.

LB- Your mom was kind of wise. I never got one either. T told us saturday that they got maggots inside them.

Jay-this worries me too.

Jenn- I knew your move would lead to something like this. You are so damn street.

SB- Because Im a mandated state reporter, I am afraid Im going to have to take action about these furbies, but secretly Im fairly certain they had it coming.

Zig- Im going to wear that out you know. Is it a good wii or a bad wii? My family will be cursing you come christmas!

MOTD- me either but im excited.

Rockdog- Dammit its my blog and i say the wii puns will NEVER get old hear me? NEVER!!!

Lucy- He was the cutest damn potter. I am about to say yes because i know you will get a wii if there is!

Pippa- I KNOW I think about it constantly! Thank god norm cant read.

LB- I miss you. A lot.