Monday, October 01, 2007

A tag

Ok folks,
Im wayyyyy behind. End of month + out of town + whiny whiny baby= lack of sleep. And Im going back to bed after this. Im planning a week in summary post but first, I answer this tag from Bunny. Here is my desk top. It is available for a limited time only. I will not identify those in the picture but know they are well-loved family here at chez panflutemaster. And this is my current all time favorite picture. And the turnip is not wearing an ascot, its a hair band. And a harry potter shirt. Which of my regular readers can guess where he got the harry potter shirt? Anyway, there are a lot of icons because even my desktop is disorganized.

I tag my blogroll.
Besides Bunny.
And zig. Who she already tagged.

Edited to add: not sure why the picture is so small. I cant figure out how to make it larger. Click on and its a bit bigger....


The Mistress of the Dark said...

You really know how to shrink those photos don't ya?

Bunny said...

Your kids could not possibly be cuter. Um, did he get the Harry Potter shirt from Aunt Lucy? Maybe?

Thanks for playing!

Ash said...

you forgot to add I tag everyone on my blogroll but Ash, because although Ash loves CRSE like crazy, she has no love for memes.

Jay said...

My desktop is soooooo boring. Just basic blue. Maybe I should find some really offensive and inappropriate to put on there.

luckybuzz said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWW! Cutest. Picture. Ever. :)

Mert said...

Cute baby boogers! I love your desktop!

You tagged the whole blogroll? I must do this, such a time saver ;)

Mine is a desktop i made for someone else. :D

crse said...

MOTD- Im not sure what went wrong.

Bunny- Indeed you are correct.

Ash- Point taken cutie pie. Consider yourself untagged.

Jay- Yes. Please do.

LB- I agree!

Mert- Thank god for google reader or id be so lost from you.