Sunday, February 18, 2007

Bittersweet Sunday

Ahhh...glorious sleep. Nothing gives a body fresh perspective like a lot of sleep. Some folks say you can have too much sleep? Friends? I ain't one of those folks! In fact even in these first few sentences Im thinking, heck! I think i might just type this post and head back in! Ok I stopped there and went back in. But it didnt take. (Norm lured me back out) So now we are sitting together watching the Avatar. Corn muffins in the oven. Eatin' licorice. Here are some dash slash weekend highlights.

-GILL IS HOME. For five more hours. I know what you are thinking. What am I doing talking to you folks when I should be soaking up the essense of gill. Well I am doing both! Have I told you folks how absolutely adorable Gill is? ahhhhh....

-Slept in bliss for a good part of yesterday. Odd dreams but sooo rested! (although suddenly Im not quite sure there isnt more sleep in me.!)

-Had a great little dissertation distraction with our own Luckybuzz.

-Went to movies and dinner with me man. Saw Pan's Labyrinth. Dark. Interesting. Glad we saw it.

-Had serious deep conversations with Gill. Making me fall in love with him all over again.

-Came home and profusely thanked Gretty until we got distracted by the new episode of "Ned's Declassified". We think she left shortly after this. If she was disgusted by us, we sadly did not notice.

-Intermittent yowza time throughout the night. Yowza!

-Snuggled on the couch and watch "The Birds".

-Went to bed at 2am. Happy. Content. Sleepy.

-Now it is Sunday. Four hours left. First report was he would be staying away now until the project was done. Desperate negotiations have hopefully earned me the 29 hour reprieve once a week. F-ing st. mary's.....

ok sorry if this was too gooey. Back to sleep...


Crawlspace said...


nancycle said...

Happy you've juiced up on your sleep...Nothin' like it huh? :)

luckybuzz said...

You just rock. That is all.

And now I want a corn muffin.

RockDog said...

Yeah, I want to ehar more about these corn muffins!

I have a tooth ache this psot was so gooey! LOL!