Sunday, February 25, 2007


Folks, I apologize. The reason the thursday thirteen is final is because they are closing the "hub". Im frankly ok with that (as i like canada's explanation that after featuring me, they could only go down hehehe) and will continue to lists of thirteen on thursdays. I havent blogged for a few days because gill is home "on leave" plus its end of the month and im busy procrastinating my note writing. But Ill be back in all my glory in the next day or two!


The Mistress of the Dark said...

They are under new ownership. I think I may be done with the whole TT myself as it's too much attention whoring and no one seems to read what you actually write anyway. :(

Then again I may change my mind

Mert said...

I have mixed feelings about he new ownership... but I will miss the 13 also. I haven't decided yet.

Leanne said...

I hope you do hang with it, it was an overwhelming task for just me, but now that I'm back in a Thirteener status, I'll be able to visit again.

Have a great day!!