Tuesday, February 13, 2007

live blog on a snow day

Lest we forget shameless whoring for valentines:
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Anyway, Gret is snowed in, my afternoon appointment is snowed in and now my Mom-sources are saying my school kids might be getting sent home early. So its all around a snow day! I figured id make the time go faster via live blog.

- It is 1230 now. We are waiting for the turnip to take his nap. Norm and I have started timing our days around turnip's naps. We try to put them off so he sleeps longer because somehow we convince ourselves he will be up less time in the evening. Its all about the hope here.

- I miss the days when i could smell a nice smell in my home and not have that alarm trigger. For example, the turnip was sitting at my feet and a soothing waft of lavendar floated up through the air. Immediately my stomach sank. Why? Because of course it meant he was eating the lotion.

-Ok my goals for today are to finish a bunch of stories (including when it is and isnt a good time to discuss your imaginary raccoon and why we cant growl at visitors even when we want to) (Im sending the latter one to my brother with the social skills deficit) and catch up on case notes. I look forward to entertaining us both (or at least myself) throughout the day!

425- Sorry, I got a little sloppy. On the plus side, I realized if i dont look up things are much happier here in my living room. On the minus side, the grape jelly is going to have some serious ramifications.

- In the depths of winter depression, sometimes just telling someone who loves you a secret can make things better all around. Ive been on both sides of this in the past 18 hours and i can say its been extremely life affirming. I heart my people so much!

- Im so torn about the adderall. I love how i focus. I hate how i get mild headaches and seem to focus too much to breathe. And apparently I seem a little....edgy. I see Gret shaking her head chastising me mentally for not being consistent with it. I did come to the realization that i might not be up all night if i take it at 4am when i go to the bathroom. Today was the first day for this. So far so good.

- On the gretty note, she is very missed here at chez panflutemaster today. Norm said, "I will not feel better until I see her beautiful face again". Which was adorable. And then growled at me and snapped when i told him it was adorable. Which was not. Adorable.

Ill be back soon!


RockDog said...

You lost me...it's not OK to growl at visitors? When did that change? Giuliani will fix that!

luckybuzz said...

Uh, i was going to say what rockdog said. I can't growl at visitors? Even in my own house?

crse said...

Rockdog, if it aint broke dont fix it! Freaking giuliani!

Actually LB i find it very helpful when you growl at visitors in my house so you just forget that little tip!

Crawlspace said...

I've been getting adderol spam comments to my project blog. I had to put that word on my blocked list.


luckybuzz said...

You know what's cool? When you tell someone your secret, and they continue to think you're the cat's pajamas, the bee's knees, and 23 skidoo. Or whatever. Good things, I mean.


gretty said...

grape jelly???

erthy said...

ooohhh myyyy. I wish i could come over and have a snow day with you all... I have a snow day too! from everything! yipeee!
i also put in my vote for growling at visitors (in the right circumstances).

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Happy Valentine's Day :)