Wednesday, February 14, 2007

the sunny valentine post

Ok seriously. Im not gritting my teeth when i smile here. Yes, I did abruptly abandon the liveblog yesterday (much like those creepy cabins in the woods that are totally deserted with all the food still on the table, a calendar from like ten years ago and cobwebs). Yes my reasons for abandoning were similarly horrific. Yes things are still rather dark here on the homestead. But you will read all about that in my thursday thirteen. Because it is valentine's day. And I have a lot of things to be grateful for today so Im going to list them.

-These kids. These kids who are slowly and deliberately pushing me towards committing some kind of crime against society just so i can go to jail and trade this madness for three hots and a cot. I cant believe how lucky i am to have these kids. As crazy as being snowed in makes me, it cannot shut out the swelling in my heart when they are engaged in a giggle fest and falling all over each other like little puppies in the silliness. Like a cherry on my love sundae? Norm actually agreed to try to put the turnip's diaper on (after some naked time) that a ray of light in the distance?

-Gill. My soul-mate and partner in crime and other unholy things. Even though you are eating a steak dinner as i write this while picking on cold macaroni noodles, you are still the cat's meow baby. Besides who can resist a man whose valentine started out with the words "what the crap?" of my heart.

-All my awesome valentines! You guys rock and are the best damn valentine johns a shameless V-Day whore could ask answer to the anonymous query...yes you can touch my clothes after i disrobe, and for a reasonable price me!

- My totally rocking friends just rock. Much can be said. But you all know who you are and why you rock.

-Super shout out to my friend Julie who I need to TOTALLY thank for the baby sleeping advice. She asked about it today and I was hit once again with how much this changed my life. Last time we were out (yeah she was the friend accosted in the liquor store by my dream date), she gave me some tips to keep the turnip in bed all night. Damn if they didnt work and we have not gotten him up since! You are a Rockstar Julie! Stay tuned for more Julie as she is pee your pants funny and im trying to hang out with her more

-My dad. Who spent time and energy trying to find a snow solution when the snow plow fairies were avoiding me.

-Dirt! Oh people please. You didnt think i gave up on this did you? Could this show rock harder? Well lets tune in next week and find out!

-And we cant have a gratitude list without of course....tivo. Enough said....


Mert said...

Awww, so sweet! Sounds like my family. :D I did get you Valentines, you gave me two, ya Dork! LOL. Thanks, I had fun reading them.

Here's to many more Vdays where the kids almost make you commit a felony, and the hubs shares the love "crap" with you. :O)

Pippajo said...

Okay, I'm feeling bad so now I have to explain:

I didn't send you a Valentine. But I didn't send one to anybody, not even The Viking. I'm just not into VD.

So don't go thinking I don't still heart you and your blog. Cause I do, on VD or any other day.

crse said...

Mert (blush) Heeheehee..yeah i was hoping i didnt do that but im not surprised

Pippa: Then you wont pay me to touch my clothes after I disrobe? DAMN. Seriously, I heart you and your blog too sunshine...

Canada said...

So, I know you TiVo. But do you have the ability to copy to video (like vhs)? And do you get LIFE network (not lifetime)? Because I am going to have to make a pretty big request of my American friends and I don't want to do it on my blog because . . .well, long story. So, do you?